Running up the score?

I get so sick of people making it an issue. The purpose of playing is to score. The goal of the offense is to score, be it first play of the game, or last. I dont care if the score is 99-0, if the winning team can score another TD on the last play of the game, they owe it to their fans to do so. If you are a player on the losing team and you cant hack it, take up tiddly winks.

Media, shut the hell up about it.

Who said they were running up the score! The last time I looked a game goes for 60 minutes! In that time you score as much as you can! That the way the game is to be played! I am glad the Stamps got spanked! It is a wake up call!

There is no such thing as running up the score in an inter divisional matchup. Every one of those points could potentially count in a tie breaker at the end of the season. Door Matt Dunigan needed to have that explained to him last year after Saskatchewan soundly spanked his team, and the bomber coach needed to have that explained to him after Montreal spanked him. Giving the finger was a classy touch, though. They were both rookie head coaches at the time, so perhaps that explains it. I do not believe you will hear anyone from the stampeder organization complaining about running up the score in tonights game.

.....nope, no complaints about the score, why should a better team play to a lesser teams level?.....

No such thing as running up the score in the CFL. Points are very valuable if you need them in a tie-breaking situation. BC played a full 60 minute game and give them full credit for the victory.

If there was a mercy or declare rule in Football, the media should say something, but their isn't, and no body's going to come up with one.

so people who say things like that... (edited)

everyone else, your welcome.