Running up the score?

I've never agreed with the argument that coaches who encourage their teams to continue scoring even though the game is in the bag are somehow rubbing it in against the opposition.

I remember a game years ago involving Edmonton in the days when Hugh Campbell was the head coach. It may have been a game against the Lions. The Esks were destroying the Lions and there was still plenty of time remaining on the clock. The Esks kept pounding the Lions and kept scoring. The Lions' coach was livid and after the game let Campbell know it in no uncertain terms. I say get over it!

Fans pay good hard earned money to go and watch a football game. Players are vying for personal records and CFL records be it most receptions, most rushing yards, or whatever. They are always working hard to improve their own stats. Why let up other than in the last 30 seconds or so to run out the clock?

Is it rubbing it in when a coach lets his number one QB sit out the remainder of the game and go with his 2nd or even 3rd stringer? [ I'm not referring to Durant in this case.] But there have been numerous games when the game was no longer in doubt and the coach decides to give his 2nd stringer or even 3rd stringer some reps for the game experience. Aren't these QBs going to do everything they can to score? I would think so. I would think a team would feel even more humiliation having it taken to them by the opposition's 2nd or 3rd string QB. Regardless, the home town fans deserve the best from their players for a full 60 minutes and nothing less.

In today's dying minutes of the game when The Roughriders were once again well within scoring range the announcer said the Roughrider coach had "a decision to make". Play conservatively or go for more points and risk appearing that his team was rubbing it against Winnipeg. I don't agree.

I say go for it. These players are paid to play their hardest and their best. Stats can be important. Sheets for example was on the cusp of getting 100 yards rushing. Apparently that hasn't happened since Cates was playing. What if the coaching staff decided to sit Sheets out for the remainder of the game after it was in the bag or not get the ball to him. That would be an injustice to Sheets in my opinion.

Another reason for scoring as many points as possible regardless of the point difference is that at the end of the season total points for and against can play a factor in making the playoffs if teams are deadlocked.

If the score differential becomes ridiculous I say so what? That is not the fault of the dominating team. It is a team sport but also there are personal records and accomplishments to consider and the fans to consider.

Winnipeg got a good shellacking today and they're not going to forget it. Quite frankly, if a team can put up 75 points on the board and hold the opposition to zero more power to them.

Like I said, I've never agreed with the reasoning that there is something wrong with running up a score. In my mind, once the game has been decided it is no longer about the score but about individual performance and each player ought to the opportunities to enhance his own individual performance. These are just some thoughts guys.

I'm not a fan of running up the score, but that's not the same thing as simply playing the game. The Riders put in the backups, they didn't call trick plays, they ran the ball a lot, and generally weren't trying to run up the score. They were still playing hard, but there's nothing wrong with that.

It's certainly not their fault that the Bombers couldn't do anything right.

There is no "running up the score" in professional sports. They're pros. They need to buck up and accept it. Now, the Olympics cough US Men's Baskeball team cough is another ball of wax.

It's the perception I'm talking about Tridus. What is running up the score and simply playing the game hard? How does one separate the two and not be accused of it?

Agreed rpaege! :thup:

In some ways it's just a case where you know it when you see it. But if you put in the backups and run vanilla style plays (straight runs, short passes, four or three man pressure on defense), then you're not trying to run up the score IMO. If you still score points doing that, the it's just on the other team to stop you.

If you don't want the score "run up" try playing better. If that's not possible, then walk off the field and forfeit the game.

But don't cry about how it's not fair that you got your ass whipped so badly.

From what I watched today, the Bombers looked pure sh...t and any team playing at half hearted strength could have beat them. It's not like the Riders are even that good of a team really. :?

Area_51, are you speaking in general terms or directly your comment at someone in particular?

No, in general terms. If I’m specifically directing a comment towards someone, I’ll always quote their previous comment.

I fully agree with your original post.

Basically, if you're going to be inept at the basics of the game, then it's going to happen.

The team on the losing end who decries an opposing team of running up the score is nothing less than a circumvention of responsibility and acceptance of poor play.

and as beaglehound previously stated, POINTS MATTER, especially if a playoff spot is in question for teams of similar end of season records.

To ease up in order to allow less embarrassment to the opposition and possibly impair playoff position is foolish, especially with such a parity laden league and the Riders remaining in last place in the West at the moment.

I'm not an MMA fan, but I give big ups to Dana White to how he blows up and calls people out when one of his fighters mails it in like Winnipeg did today. Fortunately for the Bombers Cohon is the CFL commish and not Dana White.

People pay good money to go see a football game. If a team is playing at home it's obligation is to its fan,not the other team's well being. On the road maybe it could be considered a courtesy but by no means convention.

This was not a case of running up the score if indeed that does even exist in pro sports as it is pro sports. After the Riders skid bagan with two games in which they had seemingly some comfort in their lead turn into their loses so sticking with the game plan and continuing to play football to the best of your ability when you are on the field is what a pro does.
I guess running up the score in pro sports would be considered at the end of the game if you have a chance to run out the clock but instead go for a score to tack on points when up by 40 then that would be unsportsmanlike even for pro sports. Other than that the players on the field need to continue to play hard the entire time and the coach coach the same as that is wht they are being paid to do

While not the case here, there are times when you had to run up the score as total points could mean the difference in settling the winner of series that was tied. Say BC and Sasky both win 2 of the 4 games they play each other this year and they finish with the same overall records.

And that is my point cflsteve. I'm not opposed to running down the clock when the game is in the bag. If anything it avoids potential serious injuries but to help the opposition save face by not attempting to score when the team could score makes no sense. As I've said, players are playing to entertain and to improve their individual stats when possible. Let me give an example:

Last year McCallum broke the CFL record for most consecutive field goals. Let us say the Lions were devouring the opposition and had a 45-0 point lead with 20 seconds on the clock, possession of the ball on the opposition's 18 yard line. Should the Lions increase the lead by allowing McCallum to kick a record breaking consecutive field goal or play the clock and take the win, all in the name of sportsmanship? I don't think it's adding insult to injury. I would expect they would give McCallum a crack at it and not be too worried about it looking like they were rubbing it into the opposition.

Exactly Starbuck23! If I'm not mistake, in such a scenario they would look at the total points scored against each other to break the deadlock. Hypothetical example: Let us say the Roughriders kicked a last second field goal in game 2 and everyone was screaming that the Roughriders are trying to run up the score just to rub it in. Given that game three ended in a tie, that last second field goal that resulted in a total of 52 points meant that the Roughriders would win the series by a single point and advance.

Game 1- Roughriders 7 Winnipeg 58

Game 2- Roughriders 52 Winnipeg 0

Game 3 Roughriders 18 Winnipeg 18

Total for the Roughriders = 77
Total for the Bombers = 76

I'm assuming this is how it would be settled in such a scenario. Again this hypothetical, but it could happen. Couldn't it?

Actually, the scenerio you give would be for a crossover spot. For a crossover the crossing team must finish with a better winning percentage (points in standings) than the 3rd place team of the opposing division...they can not be tied and make it in.

when in same division it goes:

  • winning % (points in standings)
  • season series with given clubs
  • if season series is tied (say 2 wins each or a win and a tie each) then it goes to the highest point differencial in the season series (as you stated)
  • if still tied it is total scored / total scored on...higher ration wins out
  • then highest winning % agains same division teams
  • it goes on and on for improbable scenarios until finally it can be decided via a coin toss.

Have to agree here. Going further, after the skid the Riders were on, one can not blame them for not really pulling back. They needed to play a complete game no matter what the score.