Running up the score?

Im watching the Bombers Ti-cats game, and while this game isn't a blow out by any means, Winnipeg just scored a needless touchdown with under 2 minutes to go up I think 11 points.

Im not singling this out and criticizing the Bombers, it just seemed to me teams have done this type of thing quite a bit more this year. You had Calgary faking a field goal late in a game already in hand, we saw BC gambling on 3rd down late in a game already in hand against the Riders, and you could even consider the Riders scoring one against Calgary with just over 2 minutes left up 30 some points.

I believe players should play to the final whistle regardless of the score, but I thought it was a respect thing between coaches?


I dont think the TD was a bad thing, but going for a FG there made absolutely no sense.

ya the TD was fine, the field goal attempt wasn't needed... Especially from that far out...

I've only been following online because I was busy working on my kitchen, but it does seem to be getting a tad ridiculous. These slanted victories aren't all that fun to watch. Winnipeg has scored 19 points in the fourth quarter... I don't know.

They should NEVER stop trying to score, even if leading 100-0. Specially in front of the home town crowd who paid to see them score as much as possible.

I guess there is the divisional thing, if it comes down to a tie breaker.

Which I guess make the Calgary thing a little head scratching? Toronto is not a divisional opponent.

Please Dust tell how long a football game is? Is it not 60 minutes. Why is it that you think they should stop playing? So Winnipeg is suppose to have two and outs and not score. They should just keep their defense out there give the Tigercats the ball auntil they score. This is absurd. The name of the game is to score points you do this over 60 min in a game.

They could have easily run out most of the clock just running the ball Redwhite. I understand they perhaps wanted another TD in case of a tiebreaker, but I was probably not alone in hoping that field goal gets returned for a TD for a nice lesson in stupidity.

nope, you're the only one

I never expected you to think that would have been funny.

,,,,,,,,'s are your friend

I assume you mean the TD that put them up by 18, right?
Anyway, because these teams play each other 4 times this year, points for and against could easily come into play.
Given that alone, it would have been a serious error in judgement for the Bombers NOT to score that touchdown.
But in the CFL, a less than 2 TD lead with just under 2 minutes is not safe.
Not scoring there could have, frankly, resulted in a loss. No team in the league would take the attitude you have. Sorry!

As for the fieldgoal, that was a little surprising because it was so long and as you point out, a miss would defeat the purpose if it is run back...

...there's a lot of controversey about running up scores....but when you have the chance to out-point your opponent to the max. ,you do it ..especially against a division rival...that's the name of the game.........I'm sure the Bombers had it done to them in the past.....and will in the just hope your team is on the winning end... :thup:

Alright I’ll take a different approach, was it the correct call for Calgary to fake a field goal and throw for a touchdown against a non divisional opponent with the game well in hand?

Im not singling out the Bombers guys, it was the things as the game winded down that reminded me of several other incidents this season.

Is it alright to run up the score on an opponent that you’re not going to have a tie breaker against?

That one was vintage Higgins, but you might be able to question the value of that one.
2 schools of thought on the issue.
By using that trick play now, they needlessly gave away a trade secret.
Or, by doing it now, the next team they play, BC, will have to scout that play and prepare for it.
If you buy into the second theory, it was about next week, not throwing dirt in TOs face.

But yes, if the Argos and Stamps meet in a play-of game, you can bet the video of that play will be shown for more than just scouting purposes.

I just remember a few years back when the Riders beat Calgary by a good margin and everyone was all upset because of the pooch kick later in the game that led to more points, and that was a divisional opponent.

Seems when other teams do the same thing it's not even a discussion.

Dust, I think you are WAY off base, in regards to the Bombers running up the score, with that late touchdown by stegall. There was still about a minute and a half left in the game and the Bombers were only up by 11. Hardly a blow out. Plus they are division rivals.

However, I do think going for the 52 yard field goal, with no time on the clock was a little much. I did not like that decision because we still have to play them next week, in their house. It could come back to bite us.

The only logical reason I can think of for the FG attempt was just for Westwood to get a try in for a long FG, which quite honestly isn't a bad idea(except statistically) as they had nothing to lose regardless.

In that issue we do not know all the facts, did Berry call this on his own, or did Troy somehow convince him he wanted a long try?

Either happened, it's done with, there's nothing anyone can do to change it....just let it be.

Why did Hamilton Gamble on third down? they could easily have let Seta punt it away so the Bombers would have been far enough back to just run out the clock.

Why didn't Hamilton just stick to 9 DB's and a 3 man rush? Why did they leave Stegall open and basicly taunt Glenn to throw the ball to Stegall?

the score was only a 11 point spread and in the CFL 11 points can be wiped out fast. this game was not a wash.

The sole thing that does not make sense is why did the blue take a knee and not even center the ball then tell westwood to kick a.. 52-53(?) field goal. Not a cool thing to do to westy.

Atleast Center the ball if not hand off the Charlie and see if he can get 5 yards + centerfield.

If I'm the coach and people are complaining that my QB doesn't have enough TD passes, that even though he leads the league he isn't a top QB I'll let him go out there and pad his stats so when people Glance at his work it looks better.

If the topic of running up the score is here why not talk about the games which had higher spreads at the end of the day?

Week 1:
Ham vs. Cal
Week 2:
EDM vs. BC
HAM vs. TO
CAL vs. Sask

Week 3:
CAL vs. TO
BC vs. SSK

Week 4:
TO vs. CAL

Bomber game ended with a 18 point spread, all the games listed above had a greater of 20 or greater point spread(many of 30+)

Week 4 CAL 33 - TO 10
Cal had 20 4th quarter points
Week 3 BC 42 - Sask 12
BC had 14 4th quarter points

Week 2 SSK 49 - Cal 8
SSK had 10 4th quarter points

Week 1 CAL 37 - HAM 9
CAL 13 4th quarter points

Don't those look like better games to talk about running up the score?
Especially Cal in week 1 or BC in week 3.

Yes it was. It was an opportunity to get a free shot under game condition at a play they may wish to use again later this season.

Same for Berry calling Westwood out to kick a field goal. Westwood is under "probation" right now and this was another opportunity under game condition for Bombers to evalutate Westwood.

I totally agree with Calgary and Winnipeg.