Running the table over the last 20 yrs from 1 to 12

Okay , now I'm not sure if anyone else is aware of this and I'm not sure if this has ever been achieved before in the history of football BUT these Ti-Cats have managed to somehow run the table from a 1 win season all the way through to a 12 win season in the last 20 yrs . Yup , hard to believe but dating back to the 1997 season this team I think must have an unofficial record for this dubious distinction .
I guess if this team was a billiards player then this would be a record to be proud of and quite the accomplishment . :cry:

Check it out because here we go from 1 to 12 in 20 years .

1 - 17........2003
2 - 16........1997
3 - 15........2007 , 2008
4 - 14........2006
5 - 13........2005
6 - 12........2012
7 - 11........2002 , 2016
8 - 10........2011
9 - 9..........2000 , 2004 (9 - 8 -1) , 2009 , 2010 , 2014
10 - 8........2013 , 2015
11 - 7........1999 , 2001
12 - 5 -1....1998

That does sound like it would be pretty rare. I think our 1-win season was a first in CFL history, wasn't it?

You could actually make that claim for the 17-year period from 97-13, since the last three seasons, according to your table, didn't add any new win totals. I'd have to think that 12 different win totals within 16 years has probably never happened before. The odds against it would be very high.

My real question: how did you even think of this?

Sure would be nice to add to this list with a new total. Other than zero, that is.

LOL !!! How did I even think of this he asks ? Well ExPat let's just "chalk it up" to being bored and very frustrated on a Sunday morning after a very late Saturday night wasted watching this poor excuse for a football team that we have so far this season . Now I know it's early on yet and we still have 16 games to go BUT I can't help thinking if something doesn't drastically change with this outfit and soon might we be looking at the possibility of adding Owen to this list ? As in Owen Eighteen ? :cry: Let's face it here , when you look back on the last twenty years this fan base has had to endure more than our fair share of save for a few seasons some unbelievably very bad football teams :thdn: .

Just thought I would resurrect this thread for those that might've missed it the first time . So the question is now this , is it possible ? is it doable ? can this team possibly unbelievably complete the cycle and add an 0 - 18 season into the mix ?

I'd like to think that it's not possible BUT in reality and in all honesty watching this team play so far this year , one has to ask oneself , who can we possibly defeat the rest of the way to not make this a reality ?

My fear about this season is this... can this possibly be the beginning of "The Dark Era" part two....The sequel ? Can we possibly be going down the road and back to the future again and once again having to relive the horror show that was this team from "03" to "08" ? I don't know about anybody else but I really don't want to relive a repeat of that era and never thought that we would have to again . I'd like to think that maybe this dreadful season is just a one off and we will bounce back to respectability in a year or two BUT in reality I'm thinking that this could be the start of yet another 5 to 6 year span of futility by this club in what will be a never ending rebuild much like the first Dark Era was . I'm hoping and praying that I'm wrong on all this and that I'll wake up and it will all turn out to be just a bad dream and not a recurring bad nightmare instead .

So let's hear from everybody (all of ya's that are still left that is :-[ ) Is it possible that I might have to change this thread title to "Running the table over the last 20 yrs from 0 to 12 ? :cry: Are we entering a new chapter in the "Dark Era" or is this just one of those seasons that every team has from time to time ?

bobo: Thanks for doing all this.

It points out how professional football works. I have not run the numbers for Montreal, BC, Calgary or Saskatchewan for the same period of time but I would suspect the Head Coaching/GM roles are always the key.
Look at the Trestman/Popp regime in Montreal. The Wally Buono presence in BC despite Tedford and Benevides. doesn't seem to matter because they have strong continuity in competent Head Coaches. Saskatchewan has always been a competitor with three of their 5 HC's since 2000 with pretty good win-loss records.....Ken Miller: .602, Kent Austin: .667 (one season and a Grey Cup) and Danny Barrett: .456. Greg Marshall turned out to the wrong guy but he was replaced quickly.

In comparison, the Tiger-Cats since 2000 have gone through 7 Head Coaches (my man Ron Lancaster had the longest and best record if you include the 1999 Grey Cup win). Austin over the past two years has dropped from 7-11 last season down to 0-8 so far this year.
Stats don't tell us the complete story but Kent Austin's Saskatchewan Roughriders won the Grey Cup in the single season Austin was in Saskatchewan. He also inherited a basically strong team from Danny Barrett and had Tommy Condell as his OC. When Austin arrived in Hamilton to replace George Cortez, he got us to the Grey Cup game in his first two years....also with Tommy Condell as OC.
This team has been in a downward spiral since Condell left. Draw your own conclusions.
It also appears to me, that with very few exceptions, winning coaches who stay on but no longer win are unable to reverse things. They are usually fired or leave.
It appears to me Scott Mitchell handed all the reins over to Austin believing he could create a dynasty.
Unfortunately it did not happen. The hiring of June Jones may help improve things a little for the rest of this season...but then what? Jones is at the end of his football career.
I'd say the big question that has to be asked by Mitchell and the Caretaker is: can Austin still be the future of this team?

If you go back far enough you will see that the Ti-cats have had more of their share of "seasons that every team has". It is a perpetuating routine: - have a few bad years - bring in a new coach etc - 1st & 2nd years the club shows improvement & we fans think next year is going to be our year to win it all, then the losing streaks happen & we start all over again.

Yup , it seems like this franchise wrote the book on "How to be Consistently Mediocre or Worse in 5 Easy Lessons" with the odd successful and few and far between seasons sprinkled in here and there on occasion just to give us fans a little tease .

From 1972 to Present season ( 46 years )

Here's some points to ponder when talking about this team and ineptitude and mediocrity thru the years :

  • 22 seasons with 10 losses or more not including current season (2 games away from 10 L with 10 games to go , so you know it's going to happen )

  • 24 seasons below .500 W/L regular seasons not including current season which is a given certainty
    add (74,84) to above list .

  • Missed play-offs 13 times ( 14 if we add this season )

  • 9 seasons with 10 or more wins
    (72,81,89,92,98,99,01,13,15 )

  • 11 seasons finishing at .500 record on season or a tie just above .500 on season.

  • 7 seasons finished in 1rst in division

  • 10 trips to the Grey Cup......3 Wins / 7 Losses
    Wins (72,86,99)
    Losses (80,84,85,89,98,13,14)

  • 20 different H/C from "72"season to present day Kent Austin .

  • 5 H/C who coached team to a Grey Cup appearance in this time.
    Jerry Williams - 72 (W)
    John Payne - 80 (L)
    Al Bruno - 84 (L) , 85(L) , 86 (W) , 89 (L)
    Ron Lancaster - 98 (L) , 99 (W)
    Kent Austin - 13 (L) , 14 (L)

Here's an interesting article by Steve Milton from 3DNation on some of the Cats other seasons that have gone off the rails with dreadful starts that resulted in them having terrible records heading into Labour Day. The article goes on to say how the team fared in those seasons and subsequent seasons with a new HC in place . Surprisingly in a lot of cases the team did bounce back the next year but in most cases it was a short lived revival before the team reverted back to their losing ways .

Always a good read , here's Milton's article :