Running the ball will hide our weaknesses

This may sound simple but all we have to do is establish the run and stick with it throughout the game.

Gable had 4 rushes for 31 yards against SSK. That's unacceptable.

Running the ball eats up time on the clock meaning the defense isn't out there as much and it also helps with play calling as the defense will have to prepare for both the pass and run. Right now, if I'm a DC, I'm gearing my defense for the pass against the pass.

Burris passed for 395 yards last week but he can't do that every week. I'll take 100+ yards on the ground and 300 pass yards and you'll see a huge difference in our games.

Look at SSK, Sheets rans for 140 yards and Willy was able to move the offense. The Cats defense had to prepare for both and they never knew what was coming, a run or pass.

Gable is a capable back but we have to let him run early and often in the game.

Are injuries really the issue? We are hurt at receiver but yet Burris threw for 395 yards. Defensively we have been bad all year, doesn't matter who was playing. We still need help on the d-line with pressure, which will vastly improve the pass defense but overall, running the ball will help immensley.

Executing the zone-read-run-option PROPERLY will fix all that ails the Cats.

It keeps the DT's in their gaps as they have to respect the RB getting the ball.
It keeps the DE's hesitant. Can't just pin their ears back. Have to respect the QB on the roll. Have to read RB.
It allows the OLine to dictate by blocking down one way or the other.
It allows the OG's to pull out into space on misdirection/crosses.
It puts the QB on a defined 1-2-3 read. Read the DE. If he's crashing the RB, pull it and roll and either make throw or run.
It puts the QB in a defined rhythm. Option the handoff - 3 step roll - throw - or run.

BC runs it. Calgary runs it. Edmonton runs it. Sask runs it. Winnipeg runs it. The results are speaking for themselves.

Here's a thread already started on the run game. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=83159

We will have to run the ball when we are in cold Regina in November so we might as start now. 8)

You need holes to run through. The O-line has not been good at that probably due to the multiple injuries.

What he said!!! :thup:

As long as Austin is the coach you will never have a running game.