Running is great but I want more passing

Lets keep the running game going, but get back to 60 % passing. If we are going to sweep Sask we need more passing IMHO. What I would like to see on our first series in next game is this.....A 50 yard pass to any Bomber WR/SB, for a quick 7. Sask I believe is the next opponent, they will be concentrating on stopping the run I would guess after our last outing. Lets come out passing, and Bishop running, and short passes to the RB`s, then we mix in the running game as the passing game opens up.

I want passing!!!! with 40 % run or there abouts. Yes include the RB`s in the passing game, they still have their hands on the ball.......... Not saying we should not run, lets just mix it up more.

...good luck with that prescribed program....a winning OC knows you take what the defense is giving up and if your RB can rack up absolutely redonculous yardage and points because the D can't stop the run to save their lives then thats what you continue to ram down their throat...the W is and always will be greater than any yards passing stat....

That is a absolutely redonculous statement :lol: Kidding, that is absolutely right on and I actually agree with you! Having said that, its HIGHLY unlikely we are going to be able to run like that every week,chances are reality will set in and yardage running will get harder to find. I say come out throwing, its another dimension and it should open up the running game. And whats wrong with passing to your RBs on occasion??? Not to mention Bishop is known for the run, I think there is a lot more to offer than we have seen to date, hopefully they get it together for next week.

bombers cannot pass 60% of the time with Bishop, watch the games vs the ALS and you will see what happens when Bishop throws the ball 60% of the time--

Bombers Qb Bishop is a game manager not a QB that can throw the ball like crazy over and over--

Talk about redonculous statements :roll:

nothing stupid about that. Bishop isn't even really a game manager, he turns the ball over too much to be that. give him simple reads and don't throw very often, and he won't cost you too many games.. but the Bombers are not going to win games this year if they don't run the ball a ton.

i believe the bombers come out running hard, reid, bernard, and bishop... sask will be prepared but their run d has not been good... so lets make them prove they can stop us... cuz if they cant... it'l be a long day for the boys in green.

if they limit the run game well then it may be the bombers who are in trouble but even a combined 150 yrds from reid/bernard i think should be enough to make it a good game and give the bombers a chance to win by keeping it out of bishops hand for the most part.

Just wait until Franklin returns, he will help out more than people know, we all know what Arjei is capable of here in the Peg.

Bowman (who can improve and has proven he can make the plays) just needs a confidence boost to hang onto the ball!!
Ralph (who knows, he is like a rollercoaster up and down, if he keeps dropping the easy balls he will be replaced)
Hargreaves - adds the size we are lacking and has solid hands as he proved last year in limited action - i believe he should start

Look for the RB’S to run more playaction outs, as both are threats whenever they have the ball running or recieving!!