Running Game

I have a little problem with our running game. Joseph is 3rd in the league in rushing which is good but we get nothing from KK anymore. I miss this guy in our offence. I think if we gave him a good amount of carries (20-25) he can get back on track. Another thing bothering me is the lack of use for Chris Szarka. He is the best Fullback in the league and should be used more often.

you need to wait to see what we do against other teams. We have been in a couple shootouts where running O's wouldnt have done much. and we have never had much success running the ball against BC.

I think this week against TO you will see a solid balanced attack and i am thinking not counting KJ's carries or back will have 25-30.

personally i'd like to see Dorsey get at least one more game in the back field, just to see how he does. if he works out i'd say we stash keith in one of our reserve spots. and let armstead and keegan coleman handle returns.

ps. coleman has played in preseason games the past two years as a returner and i see potential.

KK is a bum run him out of town, but that would be politically incorrect with pending charges laid against him and a lack luster season so far. I say get rid of him now he is a loser on and off the feild.

I do not think he is still around. Does not show on the team roster, not do I recall seeing him at the practice field.

I think coleman is still on the protected list, one of those phantom lists. but i agree with giver, he has shown alot the last two preseasons. personally i would take a good look at him. as far as dorsey goes, ive yet to see anything game breaking from him, and he has had his share of time.
but i do say dont be afriad of our so far non existent running game. for as long as we had the run-oriented "prairie offense", which most media (vanstone) shot down every game for "boring football", weve been waiting for aerial action. well, now we`re getting it. also being scored on early in every game doesnt help the situation.

Looks like Keith is more interested into how many bouncers he can fight with rather than do what he gets paid for, which is to run the football.

Well not sure what protected list he might be on but I am sure he is not practicing with the team anymore, so I can not see him jumping in.