Running Game

So, our oline could be better for sure but saw some interesting stats the last game, i'll be the first to say stats are for losers however in this case, i think it somewhat tells the story.

This past friday at Canad Inns stadium...

Reid 12 for 54
buck 3 for 18
brink 1 for 1 (qb sneak)

Coburne 15 for 60
Porter 4 for 5
Thigpen 1 for 6

Bombers Totals = 16 for 73
Ticats = 20 for 71

Is our run game as bad as some think

We had less carries and more yards.

Reids average was better than Coburnes.

I know people look to the BC game a couple weeks ago and see 20 for 26 yards but.... that game was over at the end of the 3rd quarter and everyone knew all 4th we'd run the ball..just to kill the clock and get out of there uninjured.

So i guess.. For as much as we all complain about the running game and i'll admit,it could be better, it's really not that bad when you think about it.

Just something i'd point out.

Maybe Fred Reid himself doesn't run for lots of yards but as a TEAM this past week we out ran hamilton.

Our run game is fine. People just want something to complain about. Reid's average is not as good this year but he just hasn't broken anything. He's getting what he needs when he gets the ball on 2nd and short, he's getting 5-6 yards on 1st down way more consistently than in the past.. it'd be nice to see him break a few more frequently like last year, yes, but he's not doing anything worth the criticism. Room for improvement but for the most part it's people looking for something to complain about.

You can complain that its something that other people are looking for something to complain about or you can look at it as part of the on field product that could use some more work. The run game hasn't been atrocious, we've just been spoiled with the high quality running games we've seen over the years. As I've said in another thread I'd like to see them incorporate ways to get Reid the ball going outside the tackles instead of up in between the tackles on every run. Is that complaining? OK maybe to you. To me that's just an added wrinkle that i think would make them that much more successful and keep opposing defenses more off balance. Reid's a talented back and to say you'd like to see them try utilize him in different ways, well I don't see that as complaining. I'll watch and cheer regardless of whether they do or not. But we'll have to agree to disagree.

As for Reid, he hasn't had any of the big runs we've seen in the past nor has he put up the 100 plus yard games as of yet. He came close to breaking one a couple of times vs the Ticats. And he's 2nd in rushing behind Whitaker and on pace to break the 1000 yard mark again. If he can stay healthy he's on pace have yet another good season.

I don't think we can brag about out-rushing a team by 2 yards......
There hasn't been too much to complain about so far this year, but our run game for sure has not been up to par. I think fans are expecting more because that has been something we have always relied on at this stage of the season, and becomes even more important as the season wears on.
Saskatchewan has had some trouble stopping the run this year, hopefully this is were Fred gets his big game. Also getting Poblah back and if we could find a way to have Edwards/Carr/TJH/Denmark all on at the same time, that should open up some room for Reid as well.

I think the rush game is less this year due to the fact we have a QB who has the ability to run anytime.Fred blocks a bit more to protect against the pass rush and give time for Buck to throw. I may be wrong, but I'm more than happy with the 7-1 result.

This made me think. Wasn't it Calgary that ran a 6 receiver set on occasion a few years ago when Flutie was there? Now that i think of it I believe they used it the year the beat the bombers in the cup final. Could you imagine throwing out Edwards, Carr, TJH, Denmark, Watson, and Poblah at the same time 4-5 times a game? Only way we could get all 4 of those imports onto even the roster at the same time though would be if one of them returned kicks and Denmark was the closest the being able in that department but he was subpar vs Hamilton.

When you operate out of the shotgun as much as we do your options are pretty limited as far as rushing the ball goes. That's just the way the CFL has become, the run is used just to keep the defence honest for the most part. Going to be interesting to see which teams are able to adjust once the cold weather arrives.