running game

A Ottawa rb once ran for a 10 running play td drive , against the ticats, in the 80,s. ( his name is ???--- could todays Ticats win a game without passing the ball,? with the rb,s Ticats have , .

I think Smart and Smith just about did win the game for BC last weekend without passing the ball (eventually Jarious did throw up some yardage, so the game doesn't count I suppose). The only dangers are that if you do nothing but run, other teams figure that out fast, or they don't and you turn into a boring NFL-style club (run, then run, then run again....)

On the other hand, with Printers, Lumsden when healthy, Radlein, Piercy etc., running the ball looks like a great option!

No. Unless it's November in a blizzard. A play action game would have to be in the mix. IMO.


didnt BC beat montreal last week with no passing game?

They did pass a bit. LOL I was referring to the poll question, which is absolute.

Oski Wee Wee,

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Absolutely not!

The only team in any league who would even have had an outside chance to do that, would be the Cleveland Browns in the 1950's. Against a weak opponent, and if he didn't get too tired, Jim Brown could perhaps have done it.

But, then you would have had to tell Otto Graham that he couldn't throw any passes to Mac Speedie. Couldn't happen then, and certainly couldn't happen now. Running backs do get tired, even if their name were Jesse.

No. The converse is also "no". One only has to look at what happened to Dunnigan when he played here.