Running Game

Its good to see were getting full value out of our running game....At this rate Jesse should be able to play football for 30 yrs...

Mr.Offensive Cordinator you are fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I were Hamilton I would try to get Lumsden the ball every chance I have.

Apparently Mr. Caretaker chanced his nic.

Let's see some action from the fullback spot, Dickerson or Radlein, at least to keep defenses honest.

If Jesse is bothered by ongoing shoulder and stomach problems, spell him with Davis.

The flanker around/WR reverse to Brock works well as an occasional change of pace, and one of these days Brock is going to take one all the way. Could also try with Walker or Curry.


How about we hand off more than 5 times a game. Can we please commit to the run.

Going into last night's game we were (apparently) first in the league in rushing per game. Normally, doesn't the best running team in the league run, no matter who they are playing? It might not work at first (like Roberts vs. Toronto this weekend) but by the end of the game, we should be getting good stats. (Roberts finished with about 100 yds on 20 carries or so.)

Jesse is obviously hurt, which to me questions why Mr.Holmes was traded. get the ball into the hands of Anthony Davis. He played in relif of Jesse lastnight but rarely got the ball. If Jesse is hurt then Hand the ball to Anthony! Its that simple.

Jesse being hurt is an excuse!!!!Last year it was Maas was hurt....excuses,excuses!!!!
If Jesse is hurt sit him down and put somebody in there that isnt hurt...

Just run the damn ball...

To tell you the truth I don't see why we have Kori Dickerson is in there instead of Radlein. Maybe I'm missing something but Dickerson has done absolutely nothing in my book.

I thought Jesse Lumsden was supposed to be the best rusher in the league.

Well then why only give him the ball 5 times.

If he's injured or hurt, take him out and put in the other guy. (Davis)
It"s not rocket science.


The thing with the run is you have to commit to it and stick with it even when it isn’t initially working. I find that Taaffe abandons the run far too easily if Lumsden is breaking off big gains in the first half. Even if your first few runs don’t generate more than a handful of yards, it pays off in the long run, because you keep those linebackers up in the box and out of pass coverage. Which eventually will open up the crossing and layered routes, and hopefully, the deep ball.

A puzzler for sure; I'm an Als fan and I was expecting (and to an extent fearing) a steady diet of Lumsden. Remember, Ed Philion is one and Romero is hurt so Montreal's DTs in this game were a rookie (Claybrooks) and a guy who was playing his first game of the season (Wilson). Facing that, were I Hamilton's offensive coordinator, I'd have been smacking my lips working up a game plan featuring Lumsden up the middle.

Didn't happen. Why?

Please just run the ball on labour day!!!! Just because you are losing the game it doesn't mean you have to throw the ball every down! Look where that has got us!

If Radelin and Dickerson have comparable blocking abilities, what tips the scales is the fact that Dickerson can actually leave the backfield and catch a pass and then make a play. Unfortunately this is something Radelin hasn't been able to demonstrate so far in his CFL career.

Julien is a great guy and a great ambassador for the Ticats, but with Jesse starting at tailback and Kori Dickerson being versatile, it isn't hard to see why Kori is starting and Julien is not.

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It didnt happen because we have the worst Offensive cordinator in the league…We played Edmonton 2 weeks ago,they have the worst run defence in the league,I believe we ran the ball 8 times…I cant explain how we come up with our game plans,because what we have shown so far is bull_ _ _ _!!!1

Apparently, to the Hamilton Coaching staff it is rocket science!


Lumsden left , Lumsden Right, Guard pull sweeps, Fullback up the gut, And Play action Passes, Not rocket sience Just Basic CANADIAN Football,.. IMO there MUST be some strange Politics behind Lumsdens less than 10 carries a game Ritual.(maas ego? ). This is REALLY unfair to the FANS. Win or Lose - Also How can radlin be blamed for the bad passes thrown in his direction ??? had he had 5 ft arms he could of had a td last game

This is way out there,but maybe he has a clause in his contract that if he has so many touches he will get bonuses....So maybe there trying to save money...
Like I said thats way out there but who can explain why he isnt getting the ball...

If we run the ball more than 20 times against Toronto, we will win. A guaranteed lock. Does not matter who the QB is. Lumsden is the best back in the CFL, lets use him.

Dickerson is at least as good a blocker and is a better receiver.