Running Game 2011

We haven't been terribly effective at running between the tackles since Jarrett Payton.

You know, the guy who had a father who was . .. oh nevermind.


I agree if our offence was not west coast and that the best pure running back was required, it would not be Green. But I`m sticking with Green because of his blocking ability, experience, and not too shabby 4.5 yd. NFL rushing average. Time will tell.

Youngsters like MadJack will remember the days of an intra-squad game plus 4 pre-season games (they used to call them exhibition games.) So it really makes things difficult on players to make an impression and the coaches to decide, based on only 2 games. The practice sessions have to be of great importance.

On another note it has always puzzled me why Deslauriers has not yet made his mark. He was a No. 1 draft choice, had NFL tryout, and has all the physical tools of an Andy Fantusz. There have been hints in the past of his lack of seriousness, but hopefully he can win the 5th receiver position this year and live up to his potential

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Are you certain of that papa?

I'll have to call Rod Black and confirm. . .

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J’ai revu le jeu plusieurs fois, et ce n’est pas exact. Whitaker avait un secondeur en blitz à bloquer sur sa gauche et Odell Willis s’est amené par l’arrière du côté droit de Calvillo. Whitaker a alors tenté de ralentir Wilis mais il partait de trop loin pour l’arrêter. Si Whitaker ne bloquait pas ce premier secondeur, il aurait été sur Calvillo bien avant Willis et Calvillo n’aurait eu aucune chance de faire une passe. Là, il a eu un peu plus de temps, mais ses receveurs étaient couverts. Dans les circonstances, peut-on blâmer Whitaker d’avoir bloqué le secondeur qui avait l’accès le plus direct au quart? Je ne trouve pas. Par contre, dans le désastre contre Hamilton, il a effectivement manqué au moins deux blocs.

I'm inclined to turn the page on Whitaker's missed blocks. Are they a concern? Sure. But if he wins the starting job in TC, it will be because the coaches feel that he can be effective protecting Anthony on a full-time basis. It would be silly to punish Whitaker for a few mistakes he made when he wasn't even a starter, and when our O-line was having all kinds of problems pass-blocking.

Here's my prediction: Whitaker will start, Cobb will back him up, Marc will wind up on the practice roster, Green will be released, and Bernard will either be released or stick around as a backup kick returner.

That is another bs story from Herb Zurkowsky. Someone told him that and he took it as gospel and never checked his facts. For how long he's been covering football it amazes me at how little knowledge or interest Herb has in the game and because he can't write anything intelligent about the game itself he has to keep writing about peripheral going ons, the guy is a rat IMO.

Look at his pre-draft article last week, "The Als are trading up to get Hugh Oneil". He was completely out to lunch but completely, not only did he not know the Als were working to get Sean White, the Als passed Oneil over and drafted another kicker. The guy has zero credibility and is just a shit disturber. To make things even worse he listened in on Jim Popp's press conference after the draft and didn't ask one question LOL ! I guess he was too embarassed having looked like a fool with his story.


Coach praised Whittaker's commitment to his blocking responsabilities and I very much doubt coach would trust Brendan if he felt that it put his HOF quarterback at risk. Herb is the perfect example why newspapers have become irelevant.

The one thing Herb is good at is writing human interest stories on specific players. Apart from that genre, he’s worthless as a football reporter. He has no knowledge of the game, no passion for the team, and no interest in pursuing real stories. His stock in trade in the offseason was to float BS rumors about Trestman bolting to the NFL, rumors based on nothing, no real fact, just various people in the US with no connections to any NFL team stating that Trestman ‘should’ be hired by the Raiders, ‘might’ be the inside man in Miami, etc. As each of these bogus stories was disproved, Herb never once owned up to being nothing but a rumormonger; he just moved on to the next crappy non-story.

It blows my mind that the two-time defending Grey Cup champion Alouettes, the most successful sports franchise in Montreal over the past decade, can’t get better coverage in the Gazette than a single bitter, lazy, uninformed hack like Herb.

Maybe we, who read the Gazette reports on our favourite sport, should make our feelings known to the Gazette editorial staff. I believe it was Roland Barthes who wrote that the text, once written, no longer belongs to its author, meaning that the text is open to every conceivable interpretation.

While a reporter requires a certain degree of objectivity, we are talking here about a reporter who is ostensibly writing about the home team, namely the Als. We have all felt that there is no evidence of identification with/affinity for the team, that the articles tend to point out every conceivable fault, that hardly any praise is given to the team, where praise was often due, given the Als' marvellous achievements for over a decade...

Time for "the changing of the guard"?

Jkm, I'd never write to the Gazette, because as much as I dislike a lot of Herb's coverage, I would never try to take away a person's livelihood or mess with his job situation.

That said, kudos on the Barthes reference. We need more references to journalism as a writerly text on this forum. :smiley: :thup:

The Gazette is irrelevant: Create yourself a google alert for the words Alouettes, Trestman, Als, Popp and a dozen or so starters and you will have it all delivered to you, Herb's turds included unfortunately :slight_smile:

Get a twitter account and follow those you are interested in and you will find that you will get your news instantly and often from the horses mouth.

Point taken Hfx.

While I am not of the "pac man" generation (and you are probably about my age if you catch that analogy!) as it were, I always marvel at the wired world and the myriad sources of information available these days. Print journalism is indeed becoming irrelevant in this context. I have always enjoyed well written sports articles and remember with fondest the days when good sports journalists abounded. Alas, they are all gone now!

I think I share with most of you my astonishment - and rage at times - of the things Herb has written over the years about the Als. To be sure, this organization has had its share of bleakness over many seasons, but for more than a decade have been a shining beacon of success where professional sports organizations are concerned. One would think that, at least, would warrant kudos from the pen of any sports writer, but....

Amen to all that has been said about Herb.

He has no interest in reporting on the day to day aspects of the team like his counterparts in Hamilton, Regina, Winnipeg, etc. Not one word on how Walter Spencer is doing, not one word on Colt David`s release. It took a fan website to scoop him on that. It is as if he is targeting his articles for a national rather than local newspaper.

He looks for every little picadillo to fault the team, puts a negative slant to every situation, gets most of his information from player agents Darren Gill and Tim Fleiszer, and has no communication with Jim Popp.

Agreed there are so many other sources today, but I am a Gazette subscriber, and have followed the team since the 60s through Ian MacDonald, Fred Roberts, Dick Bacon, Doug Gilbert, etc. And what Im getting from Herb bugs me. Better yet, this man is in the CFL Reporters Hall of Fame.

Contrast that with Pat Hickey covering the Habs who informs, criticizes constructively where necessary, and travels throughout the Northeast in the winter in a battered car!

Getting back to the subject of our running game, I agree with Hfx that if Trestman gives Whitaker the starting job, it will be because he has full confidence in Whitaker's ability to block for Calvillo.

the best blocking back becomes the starter!! expect GREEN, BERNARD, COBB, FORD & WHITAKER to have quite the battle for departed #6’s position!!

Ford? A new signing? The Ford -RB- we had was released a few months back.


I enjoy "the zekster" and have never taken him so serious that I forget he has his own agency like us all.