Running down stairs should be an Olympic sport

I've never seen anyone run down a set of stairs faster than Patrick Brown at Queens Park trying to dodge reporters. I say it should be an Olympic sport, easily has as much dexterity as say beach volleyball and not tripping while going at break-neck speed, that's talent! Thoughts?

Patrick, you are gold in this event if the Olympics ever puts it in. :-*

You know it’s a good day when a slimy pig male politician cries and then resigns his post in shame. They pretty much had to rip the public purse out of his hands, lol.

Isn’t anyone getting laid just by their own steam these days? Wow. It’s crazy how many of these creeps are out there that try to use their position or power or money to get some action.

wow, really, never? You don't get out much do ya :slight_smile:

it was more like speed walking

This story gets even better. Just learned Patrick Brown is a lawyer by trade. Duh.

wow, really, never? You don't get out much do ya
Ok, a bit over the top FYB, I'm guilty but not as guilty as Patrick is probably going to be. hahahahhaa We'll get to see his legal skills in action at some point, I'm sure. :P