Running backs

What has happened to running game ?

It showed a huge improvement even tho it is underused

lord lumsden is a beast.

unfortunatley, the O-line isnt very good...they dont make many holes, and cant stop a blitz ( or any other kind of pressure ).

In what sense?

Lumsden was 79 yards on 10 carries, Maas 4 for 33, Holmes 2 for 19, and Chang 1 for 5.

Average-wise, we ran well. My only complaint is that we should have tried to establish it earlier in the game to pound the Als' front seven and calm down their pass rush.

Oski Wee Wee,

The backs were running the ball well tonight and the O line were doing their job. The only problem was they weren't running the ball. When you have 90 seconds left on the clock, you are down 6 and your backs are moving the ball, why rely only on the pass?

I agree that the running game should be used more often. Lumsden is a horse and can do alot of damage!

the backs did a great job tonight - when they were used. there was only one series where they were used effectively and they lived up expectations. when the cats had holmes on with lumsden for what maybe 7 o 8 plays the cats were able to sustain a drive, make some plays, bring the fans into the game. then for some reason, they didn't use them again for the rest of the game.

i don't get it. if they had pounded the ball with lumsden and holmes catching passes or tunning outside, this game could have been completely different.