running backs

who are we going to start at running back next year! i will iffy reliying on avery/johnsin to stay healthy and produce hamilton signed ranek. we need ricky back!! he was just getting into a groove at the end of the season he looked great but hes as good as gone. we would have to trade for a rb but we dont have that much bait! our o-line isnt great so its hard to run but if we signed morley that would REALLY help. now to address the problem of the 3rd reciever. we dont have one the only reason why our team was soo great in 2005 was because we had 3 1,000 yard recievers and damon won mvp hopefully buratto can turn us around we would also need to trade for a reciever or qb and we have NO ONE to trade!

I agree Sam, the Argos need a good tough durable RB like a Joe Smith in BC or a Reynolds in Calgary.
Those guys are out there, its just a matter of finding the right one. Same goes for WR's. Morley would be great for the ratio and OL.
They don't need to trade anybody, there's lots of free agents available.

sorry ya i wasnt looking at the free agent situation we should sign thelwell and then have bishop and mcman battle it out at training camp as for the rb situation it looks like we are stuck with avery which might not be that bad