running backs - we are down to auggie and the three musketee

any ideas out there..

has anyone run through the other teams lists to see availability...

how about calgary? LOL..... I can just see Avon with THE OTHER BACK in the same backfield

but seriously folks--- is there any known commodity out there?

Am I missing something? I know we lost one RB to injury...but really is the sky falling? Is Avon out now too?

I just looked at the list of free agents on the CFL site, and there sure are a lot of familiar names there. Tre Smith, Terry Caulley, Kenton Keith, A. J. Harris, Glenn Milner, Kyle Exume, Conte Cuttino. There are a couple of those names I wouldn't mind seeing in the Black and Gold again. Whether they'd come back as a backup and without a guarantee for next year is another question.

Not sure why DeAndra' Cobb isn't listed as a free agent. Has he signed with someone? Or has he officially announced his retirement?

Daryl Stephenson had an impressive college career, but was never used seriously in Winnipeg. Has he even dressed for us? (Don't remember.)

Of course, we also still have Thigpen as Cobourne's backup who can occasionally line up as a back to relive him when necessary, or even as a second back.

Yeh, Thigpen as the second back. Would love to see him on screen plays. That way both Kelly and Bakari could start.

Hey Woody

Its not fear Factor im playing-- I know we have Avon- but a simple question does bear answering... if you look at our depth chart we have nooooo body....(sorry Mel) to back up...Cobourne should he go down... so

yes it is a valid question ... the sky isnt falling but one back doth not a placid horizon make... not even in Wroxeter.

even Avon had a back up or two in Montreal.. and dont we all know it.

Perhaps it had something to do with the title to the thread? :wink: "running backs-we are down to auggie and the three muskateers". You tell me...does that heading not instill some degree of panic? I don't think we are in "panic mode".

Quite frankly, I wouldn't have a problem with Auggie playing RB. The coaching staff switched him over to that position, but, correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't seen him play a down at that position yet. :roll:

There was one goal line stance a few games back where he went deep in the endzone, possibly as the primary receiver, although possibly as a decoy. He was pretty well covered, so the ball didn't end up going his way. Too bad. But unlike McIntyre last year, he hasn't been called on to carry the ball. Yet.

Augie is holding a valuable roster spot. I believe this will be the last year for Augie and perhaps D. Brown. Neither have contributed in anyway to hold their roster spots.

In reply to an earlier inquiry, DeAndra Cobb apparently was injured and cut by the Als back in July. (I thought he was still on their practice roster, guess not) Nothing further on him.

Yup, the depth at the recievr spot allows for this.

Auggie is a blocking back.

To me, the options are: Bring a RB or,better option, sign one from another team practice roster. The only RBs available are:
From BC practice roster:
Jock Sanders and Michael Smith

From Winnipeg practice roster:
Bloi-Dei Dorzon

From Edmonton practice roster:
John Goebel

I would opt for Jock Sanders-SB/RB and punt returner-5.6,185 and 24 years old or Michael Smith-RB-5.9,180 and 24 years old.


What about Reynlds from Calgary? What about Robertson from BC? Did Douglas get traded from Saskatchewan?

Possible running backs there?

Hasn't Auggie played in the offense as a blocking back for Cobourne?

Trade deadline has passed.Last day were trade could be made was October 12,2011.


Glenn Milner! I think he was the other RB in preseason competing against Grant? He looked good and I would like to see them give this kid another shot!

If the 'Cats want some good experienced running backs, they should be going after Daniel Porter or Arkee Whitlock both formerly of the Edmonton Eskimos.

You might want to check out the special teams. Augie and Darcy are on them as well as seeing tight end duty. I think their contributions are substantial. :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy who's back for 2012)

Again…if they want good experienced…and it’s only a dream…a healthy Corey Holmes and Avon Cobourne.

Now wouldn’t that be something? :wink:

Pat Lynch, Our special teams are not special in any stretch of the imagination. I would take Yanick Carter (injured) over Augie and Brown any day. At least that's the way I see it from my vantage point.


According to the CFL transaction page, we signed a new running back named Daniel Borne, Looked up his stats and they don't look that impressive. Whitlock and Daniel Porter were available.

Perhaps Borne also offered towel and catering services to entice Obie to sign him. :wink:

Or Borne was signed for a song? I have no clue.