Running back

Seems that the Argos can’t seem to find a running back that can make it happen for at least a few seasons.

Thinking back to Michael Jenkins (his NFL stint I don’t think helped), Cory Boyd and now James Wilder - they all had break out inaugural seasons but unfortunately couldn’t keep it going. I suppose John Avery made it through for a few seasons?

The nature of the position? We should be able to find and keep someone to make it happen…

And Chad Kackert! I wonder if Karlos Williams will be the one

You fellows don’t think Branden Burks (6.0 yards per carry in 2019) or A.J. Ouellette (5.0 yards per carry) have the potential to be the answer at RB?


There is a place for a big back and a smaller back on the team.

Interesting article from James Wilder Jr. I hope the team and coaches are able to be more focused and connected in 2020. Toronto needs a competitive football team to attract more fans, and some star players always helps. Sadly one of them just left because of poor personnel in the organization.