Running back

The Edmonton Eskimos released import linebacker Trey Young and import running back Ron ‘Goldie’ McClendon on Tuesday. - I seem to remember Ron running all over the riders last year. He was like a bull in a china shop. Could not the riders use him as a backup to Cates?

It probably would help us out. I like Hughes a lot but he's not going to rush for a lot of yards. I'm not sure our salary cap situation would allow us to take on anyone else right now.

Edmonton has had the worst running game in the League ever since Avery left - if this guy is too poor for them, he's ain't helping anyone.

Goldie has never impressed me. In the little bit I've seen of Hugh Charles, until we get Cates back, we're better off that way.

Riders need to do this. Play Foord more. I dont understand why he doesnt play more. Every time Foord plays he does really good. He is not Cates but he is good. Any news on Cates this week? When is he going to play.

Maybe the eskies O-line has can't provide the holes for the running back. " Glodie " is a power back of a runner. Surely one must remember when he easliy rushed for big gains against us last year.

Mcclendon is absolutely terrible, just terrible. He has a goofy running style where he constantly looks like he's hesitating and runs sideways more than forward. I think he had a huge game in the pre season and then 1 more regular season game and the rest of his stats are terrible.