running back situation

What are your predictions for Montreal's running backs?

I think the Als normally carry 3 tailbacks plus 1 full the past 1 of the tails was a Canadian...

So who is in the mix besides Edwards?

Right now they have Along with Robert Edwards they have

Darrian Diedrick
Andrew Hamilton
Mike Imoh
Jarret Payton
Bruce Perry

Hamilton is the only Canadian, he is a native Montrealer

What i think is we would see Payton perhaps starting at the Back for thos Als.

I expect to see Edwards, Diedrick and one of Perry or Payton. Hamilton will go back to Concordia if he is acadmicaly elegible...At full back Als will probably keep Piercy over Vilimek.

This means the Als are still without a shifty scatback.

For the record ro Diedrick is from Toronto. He had some good numbers at Nebraska, I'm surprised he hasn't been better so far.
From what I saw yesterday Edwards is still The Guy for Montreal, but Perry has some posibilities.

For sure Robert Edwards is the starter but I believe that Bruce Perry has a lot more talent and effort that Jarret Payton who should be cut, but since his dad is... Diedrick and Hamilton could BOTH be kept, I'm thinking it might be time to give Piercy the start at FB and ditch the injury riddled Vilmek.
Imoh, who are we kidding