Running Back Questions - Still not answered!

First it's Anthony Allen... Then it's Hugh Charles....

Next comes Will Ford... And then Jerome Messam puts on a show in Winnipeg.

Who's next?

All have done a great job while trying to learn the Rider offence.. Hugh Charles out so discussion ends there.. It's looking more like the Riders are waiting for Sheets to be cut from the NFL. Thank God for our O-Line! They are just that good to make anyone successful...

In all seriousness though, the Riders are going to need to find their "guy". Hopefully it's sooner than later

Agree this running back by committee is not really working in my opinion. While no one has coughed up the ball there is still blocking issues and assignments being blown and that has to be cleaned up. Messam was pretty impressive getting pass the first tackle and gaining extra yards. Still no one has claimed ownership of number one back. Is the running game the issue it was earlier? Certainly not but is it as good as last year? Certainly not. Still it could be worse. More of a concern is the passing game and Durant is just not finding or hitting his receivers. He really struggled this game again.

Agreed on Durant struggling. The timing is so off this year with the new guys… And they don’t pick up the blitz like the experienced receivers do. Simon was a master at it last year.

All opposing defences need to do is to put pressure on and he’s pretty much done. IMO, the Offence needs to look at working on some quick hitters, some hitch screens, and the short game to get some confidence. It’s time to put the ball into the hands of the playmakers

Man I couldn’t agree more on the whole quick hitters and screen or hitch pass thing. That has been an issue even last year as look what happened in the banjo bowl last year. The bombers brought heat all game and the Riders had no answer for it, then every team was following suit and the 3 game losing streak came along. Cortez really needs to come up with something to deal with teams stacking the line and bringing the house. If they don’t show teams that they can beat that pressure then again we will face it from every team. Throw some different looks using a two back system. Heck not much sense having that many receivers if you cant get time to make a 10 yard throw. Use the two backs for blocking running and screens and get the defense to back off.

Messam is the kind of back we have been missing since Chris Szarka. We need that pounding back that can pound for a few yards. Now it is just up to our coaching to show they have some faith in that and take some chances on 3rd and 1 or 3rd and goal from the two. Still think Allan is getting the short end of the stick especially since one of his fumbles was a result of a helmet on the ball.

Now Milo again still cannot pull off the pressure kicks.

Durrant had a great 1st game, a couple bad ones after the wouldbe starting RB and Getz were out, just had to play safe ball for a game, then a great game, and a good outing today. Today he didn't rack the yards up, but he also didn't force stuff when it wasn't there...that shows a lot of maturity against a D that played very well. He was left in 1st and 20 and 2nd and long a lot...a lot of that dictated his game. Really, he is doing ok this season...not smashing records, but headed in the right direction.

I think Ford got dinged...he was limping for a bit and when he did come back in he was still limping. Looked like the back of his thigh. Also, I think with some of the pressure the Bombers got, Messam's size was appealing as an extra blocker. I do not think Ford is out or anyting, I think they played it safe with him...we will see though.

Yes that missed field goal near the end was brutal and if he made it would have meant the bombers would have needed a touchdown and two point convert to tie. With the miss a touchdown wins it for the bombers and how hard would that have been to swallow?

Might be good to establish a “National” Running Back like Messam. If, and I say If… Both Dressler and Sheets come available, the Riders need to free up 2 “International” spots to make room for those guys providing they want to sign back with the Riders

Lol if Dressler and Sheets become available you take anyone on offense( excluding the O line)who's name is not Durant Getz Bagg perhaps Swain and make them expendable :wink:. Seriously though how do you not go all in to get those two back?

A little disappointed that they didn't gamble on the 3rd and two at the goal. I know the reasoning being points were at a premium but still with Ford and Messam in the back field you could have used Messam as the plow Ford as the decoy and have Durant scamper around the end. I guess armchair coaching is pretty easy and obviously if they didn't score that wouldn't have gone over so well either.

Allen would be gone…or onto the PR…that’s Sheets
Hate to say it…Ryan Smith might be the other for Dressler…I think Smith could be big, so that would be too bad. Though worst case he is on the PR

Sign Dressler… absolutely, Sheets on the other hand benefited from a scary O-Line and our plethora of running backs have proven that this year. I think we have only had one game that a running back did not run for a 100+ yards.

Chamberlin has not shown confidence in our short team in the green zone since the Banjo bowl last year.

Oh I fully agree that the Riders need to go all in to try and get them if they become available… There are just other factors like $$$money, salary cap, etc… I just don’t know where Taman sits with all that. And you have to hope that winning and familiarity are keys for those 2… I would think other teams would pony up $$$ to try sign them as well.

I think it’s working just fine.

Seriously. Run game is great. at the end ofthe day I don’t really give a damn who actually carried the rock. Run game is working great. :thup:

who hasn’t had success

Though Messam or Toston late in a game…I like

I noticed the same thing.

I was extremely tempted to go for it myself, but thought better of it and was glad they took the 3 points. Going up 13-10 at that point of the game was a big deal I thought.

Might be on to something. Messam is such big bruising mofo, to give him the ball in the 4th qtr when the D has been pounded for over 2 hours already …

heres the million dollar question, if both Sheets and Dressler are available and for what ever reasons we can only sign one which one is it ? I know what a devil's advocate question huh? :slight_smile: Sheets is so quick to the hole and he explodes if he sees any daylight and that scares the snot out of defenses. Dressler is so reliable and the chemistry between him and Durant is very special and its obvious that we are missing him in the passing game. Honestly I couldn't make that choice. Sure it can be argued that any running back we have had this year has had success but is it the Sheets type impact on other teams D's? It's not a losing proposition with picking either player but which one would make the most impact on the team? Which way do you think the Riders would go?