Running Back Help!!!

As we all saw or heard Grant will be out for the remainder of the season. Having a 2 back system (when used) seemed to be very effective. My suggestion if at all plausible, sign Cobb(if he is still available) for the remainder of the season. He knows the system and would imo would help keep AC fresh for the upcoming Play-Offs.....Thoughts---- Comments?????

Arkee Whitlock anyone?Maybe Jason Goss at DB too?

I like it. Has better hands than AC for sure. And better open field runner that chalked up huge runs. Utilize him to his abilities in conjunction with AC.

Different system with Khari Jones, isn't it?

Forget Cobb. Stick with Cobourne who's been doing very well. 96 yards today.

Also, I don't think Cobb's hands are anywhere near as good as Cobourne's.

8) Agree with your points fully, Captain.
 However, I expect the Cats will bring in an Imp. RB, as soon as possible.

  They definitely need back up help, in case AC were to get injured !!

Would love to see Arkee Whitlock or Daniel Porter come in. Both did well with Edmonton.