Running back for 2014 - Kory Sheest? or ......

Well, just heard on TSN that Sheets going to work out for the Colts next week , or soon.

Likely he will not be back with us next season I am guessing,, so what do we do?

Chris Garrett and Sanders tandem an option ? .... or do we have some other magic hidden away somewhere?

Yep so it seems, Cory will get a shot with the colts, can't blame him, just hate to lose him. :frowning:

This is how it goes. We can watch three guys get worked out down south, Alex Hall, Sheets and Dressler.

Sheets will have more than one workout. This is just the start. Two months and this all shakes out. I wish all these guys well as they get times, pressed and poked by NFL squads.

Agreed. Can’t fault people for following their dreams. Good luck and if things don’t work out - Welcome Back.

Or the money…CFL is a hands down better game IMO, but the potential money in the NFL…can’t blame anyone.

I am a big NFL fan as well as a big Rider fan, and I have to say that this move makes little or no sense. The Colts have 2 good RBs in Donald Brown and Vick Ballard (if healthy) and then Trent Richardson who has shown some capability. All of whom are younger and better than Sheets as they have actually been starting backs in the NFL.

Sheets will not crack their roster so if he does make their team he will just waste time on the PR unless and injury happens. he is 29 and the magic # in the NFL is 30.. Very few RBs last in that league past 30.. I wouldn't get overly worried about losing Sheets to the Colts. Now if a team like Miami chooses to take a look at him then I would start getting worried..

I think Sheets has exhausted his NFL PR eligibility which brought him to the Riders in the first place.
Sheets has as good a chance as any to make the Colts or another NFL roster as part of a RB by committe situation.
One roster season, one IR season and on PR season in the NFL so he will be on the low end of the Minimum salary.
Colts also have room for improvement as a Kick Off returner. He also really has become a much better Receiver while in the CFL which could be a plus for certain packages. So I would not dismiss Sheets’ NFL chances. At the very least imvite to Training camp with a realisitic shot at winning a roster spot.

If they do lose sheets there are still a ton of import RBs who were in Sheets situation when he joined the Riders. The Riders will most likley do the same thing they di in 2012 bring in about 5 of these guys and let the cremem rise to the top.

In 2012 alone the CFL acquired 2 new all star RBs in Sheets and Simpson who were both dominant runners. Toronto released an All Star import in Boyd and replaced him with a Grey Cup MVP in Kackert. College rookie like Walker also burst onto the scene in 2012. Winnipeg acauired Wil Ford mid season and he and Simpson made a great one two punch for a bad team with a bad Oline. 2013 Tyrell Sutton had to wait until Whitaker was ruled out and Messam played avg but was among the top RBs in the last 6 games.
Point is unless you mis use or have bad coaching every team has a talented Import come in each season


29 and flirting with being vetted…it is a long shot. I feel his best shot is Jacksonville or Baltimore.

I like Sheets he's a heck of a back. I think if that line stays in tact and healthy we will be ok with whoever they have back there.

I think that will become a true statement. remeber how Sheets got the job through a competition of about 6 RBS 5 of which were brought in as first year imports with NFL experiences of different levels.
He had a good season in 2012 and a great season in 2013 the second year the Oline group was together and gelled into a fantastic Unit.
It could be that Garrett may finally be healthy and get his shot but they will probalby already will be in contact with several NFL guys who hare exhausting their options this season and getting them on their neg list should sheets not return next season.