Running back change

What are the coaches thinking they have one of the best running backs on the roster in Anthony Davis and they don't use him. It's not like the guy they have in now is winning them games. They need to change a lot of things up right now and one of them is playing Anthony he was the lead the NCAA in rushing and he can flat out play. Overall it would do more good than bad and even if it did do bad which it won't we have already hit rock bottom.

Wow, I knew there’d be a lot of different, angry viewpoints after the game. But this is one I didn’t expect.

You want to bench Jesse Lumsden, in favour of Anthony Davis. I’d run if I were you, this thread is gonna be nuts.

I mean don't get me wrong Jesse can play but I think they have a diamond sitting on the bench and they would be able to do alot more by getting Anthony some touches. Think Jesse and Anthony sharing the load will be an unstoppable tandem.

Right now, we're not running the ball enough to share the load. Jesse needs all the touches he can get.

This one's going to be fun

Its obvious this guy is probably related to Anthony.

Anthony may get his chance next year if Jesse doesn't resign.

Mrs. Davis, Anthony didn't show enough in training camp ot the pre-season games to WIN a starting position. He is the #3 RB on the worst team in the league.

you're kidding..right. jessie tha man he proved he can change a game and he's earned #1

Actually I'd rather see Anthony Davis get some touches in the running game rather than watch Corey Holmes dance around and then get squished.

I hope that is what the original poster is referring to. Getting Davis to be second in line for touches at RB.

  • paul

ps. Can you tell I have become increasingly disenchanted with Corey Holmes?


Good points Paul, agree totally. Corey does dance too much without going straight up the field when needed to.

LMAO!! Nice.

I think Davis runs well, but he is not beating Jesse out at RB. I'd like to see Holmes at Slot and not RB, but that's another story. Anthony has also had some injury trouble which on a team that has Holmes and Lumsden, doesn't help his cause at all.

Ya, well, what does it matter if Maas can't go deep?

People shouldn't be so quick to think Davis isn't any good. He was an absolute star in college. He needs more playing time to get used to the CFL. I think he has only started 1 game in the 2-3 years he has been a Cat.

If Lumsden isn't here next season then I think Davis has a good shot. Players actually need reps to get good..

Two words - Kojo Aidoo. Former CIS all-time rushing leader (surpassed by Jesse Lumsden). Stank up the joint in the CFL. Great guy, just couldn't get it done as a professional.

I wouldn't compare Kojo Aidoo to Anthony Davis. With all due respect to Mr. Aidoo, the level of competition and the success Anthony Davis had is a wee bit higher than Kojo's. I think that is pretty evident to most collegiate football fans.

Plus Anthony Davis has to be commended for his loyalty to the Ticats and his ability to make to the team. I don't know if the same can be said about Kojo ...

  • paul

rather than use davis. we need to utilize the size of radelin as a lead blocker or a hole stuffer. we have 4 great backs in lumsden, holmes,radelin,and davis. i wouldnt mind throwing them off with a 4 back set-up.
all that backfeild confusion even if for one play could break the confidence of any opponent

Aidoo played Fullback when he went pro.. not RB.

There is also the fact that Davis has been deemed a backup by three different head coaches...

Why oh why do so many Ti-Cat "fans" get down on their own players?