Running attack

:thup: We will have the best running attack in the league if Jesse and Printers stay healthy. Pound Jesse, decoy Jesse, oh yeah and don't forget some flash and dash with Tre Smith, Caulley may have lost a spot with his injury, but even Caulley is fantastic.. a CFL running game,

Who Knew

Sweep with Jesse, throw him screen passes, heck - line him up at WR to get a mis-match with a smaller DB and let him run over him.

With Lumdsen,Smith and Printers and the new OC I predict we will lead the league in rushing. With our receivers as deep threat we will open the lanes for our running attack.

Well we certainly have the talent but I'm not confident the coaches have the patience to stick with the run when we are either behind or it does not bring results right from the get go. If we do stick with our game plan that includes grinding out the yards on the ground, then, yes, we should easily lead the league in rushing.

If you look at our new OC he been known to a running game. He lead Ssk to three years in a row for the best running game. He has the same type of talent here with a two great RB and a running QB.