Runako Reth

It appears that Arland Bruce wants to rebrand himself as Runako Keth meaning "handsome king." It looks like Arland is reverting back to his days in TO where he was a sideshow all to himself. Do you think wally will put up with this kind of stuff from Bruce?

Since Bruce has been saying it since the trade it would seem Wally is putting up with it. From the Vancouver Sun:

For his part, Lions coach Wally Buono said it’s immaterial to him what Bruce calls himself or what he does once he gets to the end zone. He’s more concerned about his antics between the goalposts.

“He’s colourful, yes. But high maintenance? No.? Buono said. “I call him Arland. I don’t care what name he wears on the back of his jersey. He’s going to be No. 1. And he can wear A. Bruce, Bruce or whatever. If he legally changes his name, I will respect that. All I know is, he’s been here a week, he’s worked hard, and he’s a pro.?

Personally I will be surprised if he doesn't have Bruce on his sweater. I can't see the League allowing anything but his legal name to be on it. Otherwise you open up the door to allowing players to change the name on their jersey anytime they feel like it.

Bruce looked bad tonight. It was definately BRUCE 1 out there.. hard to notice but he did fumble once and cause a major flub another time leading to lulay being killed pretty much.

Arland Bruce, i like him, just do, like receivers and players with personality... but he is definately nearing the end of his career. Geroy Simon and Kiere Johnson,along with Gore and Foster did more tonight. Bruce looked lost again.

Maybe he's allergic to cats tho, i dunno.

Well Bruce was the name on his jersey. I guess the whole thing was just Arland being Arland.

If he changes to Reth, he'll have to lose the III. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank goodness he didn't change his name. He would never have been noticed for the player of the week awards. Congrats ABIII (or RR) on the game last week.