Run to the Superbowl.......

Post your predictions.........

Divisional 1/4ers
Redskins over Bucs
Pats over Jags
NYG over Panthers
Steelers over Cincy

Divisional Semis
NYG over Bears
Pats over Broncs
S'hawks over Redskins
Colts over Steelers

Divisional Finals
S'hawks over NYG
Colts over Pats

Toss up........probably Indy, but nobody is giving Seattle much due and being the underdog is not a bad place to be.......Go Sh!thawks!!!..........

.......If anyone gets this right I'll mail you my Alberta Revenue Sharing Cheque (Photocopy Only :stuck_out_tongue: )..............

Tough act to follow......
Bucs Over Redskins
Patriots over Jaguars
NY Giants Over Panthers
Bengals over Steelers

For the next round...Hmmm I'll have to see how correct I am first.

I could see Seattle and Indy, although Seattle in the past has always found a way to lose.

Bucs over Redskins
Patriots over Jags
Giants over Panthers
Steelers over Bengals

Hawks over Giants
Bears over Bucs
Pats over Broncs
Indy over Steelers

Bears over Hawks
Indy over Pats

Indy over Bears

Go Bears Go, I can't believe my team has done this well and they look good with Grossman leading them.

Bucs over Redskins
Pats over Jags
Giants over Panthers
Steelers over Bengals

Go Seahawks Go!

Bucs over Was (DIE ********* DIE!!!)
Jags over Pats (gotta go with my favorite team)
Gaints over Pans
Bengals over Pitts (about time for Cinn to win a playoff game in 15+ years)

Bears over NYG (some love for the Cubs)
Jags over Broncos
Seahawks over Bucs (could go either way)
Colts over Benegals

NFC: Seahawks over Bears (could go either way)
AFC: Colts over Jags (My team can't work miracles)


Colts over Seahawks (it's the Colts year)

You know, I've noticed similarities between the CFL Playoff system and the NFC/AFC ones, interesting.

Bucs over skins
Pats over jags
G men over panthers
cinci over steelers

Bears over Bucs
Broncs over Cinci
Pats over colts
hawks over Gmen

Hawks over Bears
Pats over Broncs

Hawks over Pats

NFC over AFC

Bengals over Steelers
Bucs over Redskins
Patriots over Jags
Giants over Panthers

Hawks over Giants
Bears over Bucs
Broncos over Pats
Indy over Bengals

Bears over Hawks
Indy over Broncos

Indy over Bears

As much as I want the Bears to win the Super Bowl, I'm a realist and I know that they won't be able to do that against Indy. It will be an awesome thing since it was two decades ago when the 85 Bears won it, I really miss that team.

I'm glad that the Bears went with Rex Grossman, at least he knows what the forward pass is.

$50 says it wont be nearly as good as the grey cup

I agree, the SB has to have a 96 yard TD from a kickoff and go into two OTs to be at least on par with the GC! and they will not be albout to do that cuz I predict that the Colts blow out the Seahawks!


Kanga and Silhouette. Your choices are incorrect.

The Bengals will not play the Colts in week 2.
The Steelers will not play the Broncos in week 2.
The Buccaneers will not play the Seahawks in week 2.
The Redskins will not play the Bears in week 2.

Remember that in week 2, the lowest remaining seed plays #1 and the highest remaining seed plays #2. You need to amend your brackets.

That being said, I'm not picking. The Broncos are involved and pick-em just ruins the fun out of rooting for my boys. I also have a soft spot for the Bears and the Seahawks, so I'm gonna enjoy my weekend ahead in style.

Hey Guys, how do they decide who plays who in the CIS Bowls? is it always Quebec Vs. Atlantic in the Atlantic Bowl? and Ontario vs. the West in the Churchill Bowl???

Why do you ask that in this topic? Why not start another topic?

And to answer your question it changes from year to year.

Last year Saskatchewan played laval in the final, this year they played them in the semi-finals.

Thanks, and it’s something I just thought up at the time.'re all out.......[sarcasm]Bucs over Redskins[/sarcasm].......should've listened to me........

I guess I'm a little late to just predict them all, but. . .
Redskins over Buccaneers (If it counts for anything, I actually thought the skins would win this one.)
Giants over Panthers
Patriots over Jaguars (Although I hoped this one would go the other way. . . )
Bengals over Steelers (What can I say, I like the Bengals more)

Seahawks over Redskins
Bears over Giants
Bengals over Broncos
Colts over Patriots

Seahawks over Bears
Bengals over Colts (I never liked them Colts. . . )

Seahawks over Bengals

Okay, so it is more what I want to happen instead of what will happen, but I have to give it a chance. Who would I be if I didn't vote for my teams?
Go Seahawks!

(Note: All of my predictions are subject to be very wrong, just like when I predicted Saskatchewan to win the Division. Then when I predicted a home playoff game. Then when I predicted a playoff win. . . You can see where this goes. . . )

......... :oops: .........NYG over Panthers......... :oops: ........

go Bengals go

Excuse me, ******************************************************************************, THIS HAS BEEN THE WROST WEEKEND EVER!!!!!!!! AND I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT MY TEAM HAD THE BETTER RECORD, HAD HOME TEAM ADVAGTAGE, AND THEY STILL GOT KILLED BY THE PATS 28 TO 3, TO 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:


OK, not that is out of my system, I'm chaging my prediction.

Bears over CAR (some love for the Cubs, Ginats, and baseball in general)
Broncos over Pats (NE must be bought down)
Seahawks over Was (DIE WAS ******* DIE!!!!!)
Colts over Pitts (if Cinn couldn't do it, the Colts sure as heck will)

NFC: Seahawks over Bears (could go either way)
AFC: Colts over Den (Broncos have won it twice before, time for them to share that love)


Colts over Seahawks (it's the Colts year)


I was 4 and 1 in the CFL playoffs.

1-3 record.....Better stick to the CFL

Will try this week.

Seattle over Washington
Chicago over Carolina
Indy over Pittsburgh
New England over Denver

My picks are the same as Sportsmen's picks.

Go Bears Go.