Run to the Superbowl...

...New England vs. Dallas in the final...Moss shows TO how to behave....Tom Petty marries Brady and Gisele Bunchen at halftime...Jerry Jones gets arrested for rolling Bob Kraft in a back hall of the fancy suites...Hoodie comes out wearing Armani on the sideline, five minutes into the game he rips the sleeves off the jacket and removes his pants entirely....a very red-eyed Tuna tells the world in the pregame his dolphins will school the Pats next season, Ricky forgot it was live TV and is in the background rolling stick....should be fun....whoot whoot...

typical, picking the 2 #1 seeds

Colts and Packers are my choice

and if not them

Jags and Skins

giants colts

...typical, picking with the heart instead of the brain....

...Jags and Skins!!!, lol, I forgot they even made the playoffs until I saw the matchups today...

I will say Colts and Cowboys in the Super Bowl.. I think the Patriots are ripe for the picking, they are too complacent , thinking they can just show up and win.. as many teams have found out, it doesnt work that way.

whats that?? did someone say the mods are going to run naked all the way to the superbowl??

I'd like to see the Colts and Packers. The Colts because their my team (I'll be wearing my Manning jersey), and Packers because I'd like to see Favre finish his career on a high note... provide he actually retires. I get the feeling he's gonna be quarterbacking in a wheelchair... :lol:

good games today. JAgs pulled it out. Skins lost the momentum and Seatle made them pay.

I'm picking Chargers and Bucs tomorrow.
I think Chargers or the Jags can upset next week. I don't think it will be 1 vs 2 in the conference finals.

San Diego vs Dallas final. Merrimen is gonna be a machine this playoffs. And LT, well he is LT. (Rivers just needs to make no mistakes)

I honestly can't see San Diego making it by Indy, especially after what happened last time. The Colts will be ready.


I think the Cowboys make it out of the NFC assuming TO gets healthy.

I dont know who makes it out of the AFC though. One of the 3 best AFC teams (imo)...

Pats, Colts, Chargers.

I have a feeling the Pats are going to lose sooner or later as I said in a diff thread.