Run the Table - End of Season Projections?

On the main Board the discussion is heating up about the East.

My guess is that the edge goes to Hamilton for 2nd with to Toronto for 3rd. (Bomber fans don't like that- especially after the team's performance today).

Toronto is currently up 4 points so Winnipeg has to beat TO in their two remaining meetings to get ahead in the tiebreaker (possible).

Hamilton has both Toronto and Winnipeg in their season series so has to finish behind both clubs to be out.

[i]Remaining Opponents by team:

Toronto: Mtl., Mtl., Sask, Sask, Hamilton, Edmonton , Wpg., Wpg.
Winnipeg: BC, BC, Mtl, Mtl, Edmonton, Calgary , Tor, Tor
Hamilton: Edm, Edm, BC, BC, Tor, Sask, Mtl, Cal

I give Toronto 3-4 wins out of those last 8 (a split with Wpg.)
I give Winnipeg 2-5, (a split with TO).
I give Hamilton 3-5 out of their last 8.[/i]

To the end of the season:
So: Unless Hamilton tanks completely that gives us 16-20 pts.
Toronto gets 3-4 wins and so ends with 16-18 points.
Winnipeg may catch on fire and get 5 of 8... or may not. I call 10-16 points. They NEED to beat Toronto in both games.

If they do, then Toronto's likely win total goes down and Hamilton would clinch 2nd - even backing into the playoffs.

If TO and Wpg. split then things remain interesting but Winnipeg is hoping to run the board and looking for a Cat collapse or an Argo collapse. Five wins (Tor X 2; BC X 2, Edm.) gives them that 16 points. If TO only beats us and Edmonton they end with 14 so might be out unless we somehow can't beat Edmonton. It IS possible that our last game with Toronto is key but having the tie-breaker at this stage is certainly nice. I think we will be in the playoffs but we might not get there pretty.

If Toronto wins both then the Bombers seem destined to watch the playoffs on their big screens.

Yeah... lots of guessing. The play of BC, and the play of Mtl. in the last couple of weeks in the season (do they rest players against TO in the final games?) will tell the tale.

After seeing Winnipeg today I would NOT count them out. After seeing Hamilton yesterday I would not give them second in the East.

Mark, a very good summary. Of course, you have to make many assunptions, forcing you into a guessing game.

There can be no doubt that Montreal is the class of the league and will end up in first place. ( My own first assumption)
I see so many contradictions in the play of the other three Eastern teams that I don't know how to handicap them at this stage.

Winnipeg, after a slow start, came on like gangbusters this past weekend. Can they maintain that?

Toronto, hot and cold. They seem to depend heavily on Corey Boyd. Will he continue to shine? And, if he does, will that be enough?

Hamilton, a lot of strengths. But, no running game, no backup QB strength, unimaginative offensive strategy. It's hard to know what we will see from week to week.

At this point, I think it's a situation of ''cross your fingers and hope for the best'

Having said all that, my guess for the final standing in the East would be....

  Montreal, Hamilton, Toronto, Winnipeg

No cossover. Hamilton to meet Montreal in the East Final, with Montreal goimg to the Grey Cup game against Calgary.

I don’t believe the Tiger Cats have the level of talent and the necessary leadership and coaching to correct the issues that will take the team to the next level. Toronto - Winnipeg are far better teams. They are inspired, have a RUSH game and are coached. I say the the Tiger Cats miss the playoffs period.

They'll make the playoffs, and for the reasons you state above, reality will once again see them out in the first round.

The negativity on this board still ceases to amaze me. Fact of the matter is, we have won 4 of the last 5, and that one loss came to one of the best teams in the league, on a very short week. The Alouettes had an extra 3 days of rest on our guys, and I think that is the main factor to this loss. We still have a top 3 defense and one of the leagues best passing games. The running game might not be there, but teams have been successful without one in the past. This isn't the NFL, you can be successful without a running game. The team has a full weeks rest this week, and will be much more competitive. BC is a good team, but we can definitely hang with them. If we win this week, we'll be right on track to finishing in 2nd place and having a good shot at making an impact in the playoffs. If we lose this week, but play a close competitive game, we are still right in the race, and I expect at least that much, this team is nothing like teams from years past.

We should win 6 of the next 8

Toronto should win 3 of the next 8

Bombers should win 1 of there next 8

FInal Standings

Montreal 16-3
Hamilton 11-8
Toronto 8-11
Winnipeg 3-16

If we get a run game then it's 11-7. Good enough for second place.

If not, 8-10. Good enough for third place.

Montreal 12-6
Toronto 9-9
Winnipeg 7-11

10-8, host and win the EDSF, lose to MTL in the final.

I may change my mind from my previous projection if they can insert the new running back and the Oline start and play with some sense of purpose. Smash mouth football all the way.