You need the threat of a decent running game, that much I’ll say, and at least pretend that you will use it to gain some big yards. But I don’t think you need guys getting 20 touches and more in the CFL to win consisently like in the NFL. Even in the NFL, without a good solid passing game, it’s tough to win.

The '89 team was 12-6 and heavily favoured all year
the '98 team was 12-5-1 and the '99 team was 11-7
I'm just saying that a great defence and great passing is all you need in the CFL to win.
In '99 D-Mac was unstopable.

We had Ronald Williams for 1998 and 1999 carrying the rushing load. I believe that a balanced attack is vital in the Canadian game, even if the running threat is from a scrambling QB off rollouts a la Flutie or Allen.

A play-action game is very important to keep the rover and other DBs off balance. The Cats did not have an effective play action game in recent years since much of the shotgun draw sets take away the effectiveness of the fake handoff as opposed to an I-formation or even a pro-set. It is one reason why our running game is not more effective, since opposing defences are not shy to stuff the run when it happens...

Oski Wee Wee,

Could we compromise and hope that Corey Holmes is used "effectively", whether running the ball around the ends or catching it on screens?

He (Holmes) can distract Wpg's defence to get their attention away from Flick, Brock, Yeast and Vaughn, who admnittedly where we have to go to break the long ones...

Not sure I like the idea of running up the gut against the will likely be wasting your time...and downs!

Wha the difference a game makes! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


160 and an avg of 5.6 yards per carry.

:thup: :)

Now we at least have the threat of a running game and the Argos will have to prepare for it all week !!!!

Now we have Josh Ranek!!

Man with a start block he's off to the races!
Very impressed.
Yes you need a run game,it sure helps!

Ron Lancaster's 'do your job or you can be replaced' philosophy had a lot to do with
our O-line doing such a great job against one of the toughest D-lines in the CFL.

When every player accepts the challenge to concentrate on every play
and he trys to execute his job to perfection, good things happen.

The O-linemen will be feeling more confidence now
especially Filice and Powell who haven't played much.

If the O-linemen stay committed next game
like they were last night, Ranek will rumble.

Cutting Yeast sent a message to this team and everbody picked it up a notch. Was great to see a running game led by improved line play and a healthy Josh Ranek. Let's hope we see the same confidence and intensity for the rest of the season.