I would like to see the cats run the ball at least 15-20 times on Friday. They can't be a winning team without establishing a running game.

Please explain what running the ball 20 times for 50 yards will do?

Yes run the ball against us :slight_smile:, Sounds very logical. Pounding the ball against a defense giving up 2.4 yards per carry against it.

Can't have a running game WITH NO RUN BLOCKING!!!

(now I need a double Bombay Sapphire and ginger...)

IIRC Lancaster is known for having the attitude "If we cant run, why bother trying?"

He has always been one to "set up the run with the pass" meaning that if the passing game is working you can sneak in a run every once in awhile.

The way we have been running the ball, i also agree.

Thanks Crash, i know i can always count on someone to say what i was gonna say, had i seen the thread earlier.

congrats to you. lol

Its not a difficult concept... try running, if it isnt working (Which it may not with this front 7) you use the dump passes as your running game.

I agree Ticats , i think running the ball would be a good idea . Maybe just maybe they can get into a rythm if they keep trying . Maybe a different look with sweeps or something new . Radelin up the middle would be a good idea , maybe that would work . But we cant just abandon it and refuse to even try . If the personel isnt working keep bringing them in till you find someone that can make it work .

maybe just maybe a few two-and-outs might change your tune.

A good run attack, goes with a good pass attack, Imo- a CFL offence has to have a good running QB, . trying to run draw plays out of the shotgun, works some time, but can that be called a running game? IMO a good running game would include play action and a lead block fullback,, and gaurd pull sweeps. Depending on the down and yardage to go, and what the D is doing :slight_smile: ( 2 and out passing is still 2 and out

Even if they rush 20 times for 50 yards will wear down the defense, open up the play action pass, get our running backs into a rhythm and improve our one dimentional offense. Why do you think defenses are blitzing us so much? Because they know we're will not run the football. If they blitz and we run the ball or even dump it off to the running back and we get 10 yards then they won't be so eager to blitz us next time. Plus running the ball keeps the clock moving. If we had run the ball more times last game Montreal would not have had time for that final drive. This is just my opinion of course.

You also waste 20 plays by doing that, and put the team in second and long 20 times. The goal should be to get a t.d on every possession, not to 'wear' out the D so you can finally get one t.d in the forth quarter. Also if we had run the ball more times against Montreal we would have went 2 and out more times and wouldn't have scored 38 points. I'm glad your not our o.c.

If you like watching that many wasted plays in a game then maybe the NFL is the league you should watch.

Good points Drexl. I don't know, is there perhaps a trend this year towards more conservative play calling in the CFL overall?
Now I don't know how to analyze defences but maybe it's time for a team like the Cats, to open it up like used to be the case a few years ago in the CFL and rely on the big plays more often. Yes, a bit riskier and you do need the athletes to make this happen, but just a thought if we are going to continue to lose with our current approach to offensive play calling.

Generally speaking, running the ball is a good idea, but Winnipeg's D has been very tough against the run, so I'm not sure 15-20 touches for your RB will help your offense. But you shouldn't forget the run regardless of how well it's doing, because at least you keep the other team's defence honest. Give your tailback 10 touches and that should be enough.

Pass to set up the run, I like that, especially with someone like Holmes back there that has the speed and moves to break one open here and there. But takes an offensive philosphy that you are going to pass a lot, and this does take some planning without a doubt.

The 1986 Cup champs did not have a good running game.

The 1989 Cup Finalists did not have a good running game.

The 1998(Cup Finalists)-1999(Cup Champs)did not have a good running game.

In this league a good defence and a good passing game is all you need.
The running game is a bonus.
We had the best running game in the league in 2004 and were knocked out of the playoffs early.

What is a running game?? ie- Williams average about 4 yards. BUT he was,IS one break out play from bumping that average up to 7 or 8 yards, Just that threat will force the D to cover him, opening up more room for recievers. AND is more pleasant to wach than just shotgun bombs. imo

I agree 10 touches is enough if the running game isn't productive. It should be used just enough to keep the D thinking run first every time on first down.

Winnipeg always plays the run first on first down so I would throw on them on first down most of the time and maybe run draws on them in second and 10 situations when they'll be in full out pass rush mode.

Massdestruction wrote:

AND is more pleasant to wach than just shotgun bombs. imo
Not if shotgun bombs lead to td's and victories. Edmonton Oilers with Gretz and company, lots of goals and shootout affairs - and Stanley Cups to go with it.

Funny, I hear people, a couple of old buddies of mine, who used to say ah the CFL, no defence just offence. And then when we went down to watch the Bills, or Wolverines or Irish and when there were long passes for td's, these guys were up and jumping and saying what great excitement. Hippocrites, that's why they aren't buddies any more.

may not had a good running game in those years but those Cup teams were more a result of us not having a good season making some changes with NFL cuts and sneaking into the playoffs . I`ll bet the runnin game improved at the end of the season .Need a running game at playooff time especially with possible bad weather .