Run the Ball

Who came up with this game plan. BC is vulnerable to the run. Cobb had great days running against them. So, we have KG through pass after pass. Time for an adjustment. Run the ball

Only four carries for Cobb at the half. Can anyone explain what the deal is with that?

The offense is'nt even using play action off of Cobb!

It's an absolutely horrendous offensive game plan,so far!

Well, this game is over and I'd still like an answer to this question. Why is it that Cobb, who had 1200 rushing yards this year, and over 250 of them against BC, was not used much? Only seven handoffs to him this game.

Still waiting for an answer.

totally agree with you guys! To make it worse they are trying to use play action without establishing the run game.But what else can you say it was a good season for a change. GO CATS in 2010!!!!

I think we need a new OC.

All season I have questioned our playbook and our game planning has been terrible. I guess the sun needs to be out for us to run.

Please, screen passes to Cobb and a screen to a split end and that. Offense needs to be a bit more creative with screens and draws, too predictable.

You are absolutely correct. The run sets up the pass. The cats played a great game - however the fact that they could not run the ball when they needed - it cost them their season. I personally like the smash mouth type of football where you basically jam ball down the the opposing team's yap.

Let's see what transpires over the winter and who Obie brings in the to camp and compliment who is already here.

Sure did seem strange that Cobb didn't get the ball more.

I know we had a great improvement this year, and things look good for next year, and I congratulate BC for being the better team today, but I don't like the way we went down. We stumbled a bit today on offense and on defense. To me I just think we we not at our best today, and it seemed like BC got the breaks / made the plays when they had to. How many times did they convert second and long? More than we converted on second and anything. Just seems like a shame to go down like this.

Better luck next year. Thanks for an exciting year and home playoff game TiCats.


BYF, to answer your question, from where I was sitting (Sect 7, midfield) it seemed to me that BC was showing blitz on every defensive play. There was no time to run an option to Cobb, and the few times he got the ball he was held to minimal gain (except for one run). Glenn would recognize the blitz, audible, and Cobb would have to pick up the LB or DB. Other times, BC would show blitz, and after the snap, drop back into coverage, totally eliminating Cobb's effectiveness.

Isn't that why there are draws and screens?

Just askin'. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree we need a new OC, I think. Aswell as a new Special Teams coach. BUT anyways I don't think we had a game plan for the offense, except copy what the other team did. For instance I think Mallet and Cobb touched the ball about the same time. And I noticed this before half time, or right after. But I was sitting watching, see them copy... Printers throws it two times, we would throw it two times. Now on BC's next play. First play hand off to mallet. Now when it was our turn, I thought to myself.. Are we copying them? I bet we run the ball on our first play.... And what do ya know.. We did. Now this isn't the only time. But then a few times, the same thing happened. BC runs first. Our offense finally gets the ball and we do the same thing. And I noticed it more and more the longer the game went. So not only is our offense to predictable, but it seems we can't decide when to run the ball or to throw it and see what the other team does first. Also explains why the score was 3-3, 6-3... etc. Oh well maybe its just me but I noticed this when we played winnipeg aswell. Oh well rant over, thanks for reading :slight_smile:.