Run, Run and then Run some more!

Establish the Run…nuff said.
Go Cats Go!

definitely have to get lumsden and holmes more touches. as far holmes goes line him up at quarterback for all i care, get the damn ball into his hands and lets see what he was brought here for.

since nothing else is working lets stick to the running game a little longer and see what happens. if nothing else, it gives the oline a chance to work on their run blocking, and we all know how much taafe likes to run the ball.

With Lumsden and Holmes in the backfield and a QB that has a reluctance to throw downfield, I agree that the gameplan should stress the run. At least you can't give up interceptions when you run.

I guess the coaches don't have much faith in the O-line to be able to open holes and create running lanes even though it's easier than pass blocking.

An Argo-Cat fan

even if the oline can't open the holes, if you pound it long enough, eventually the d wears down. then lumsden and holmes can run over, or blow by them and it won't matter if the holes are there or not. this is assuming that the defence can keep us in the game.