Run. Kerry, Run

Before I write this post, I owuld like to say that i am a head coach of a football program in Saskatchewan. I have been a Rider fan all my life, and watched when the Riders won, and was there in Edmonton when they lost. Never in my time as a Rider fan have I witnessed a player like Kerry Joseph. He has a great arm, has incredible speed, and is strong. He makes people miss, but make no mistake, we don’t miss what he has done. He is carrying the province on his shoulders. Last year, my son was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. It has been very difficult for our family, but last week I was able to take him to watch the Semi final. I bought him a Kerry Joseph jersey, and was with him while he watched his hero take us to victory. On behalf of my son, Kerry, you have shown the class, toughness, and ability that is only granted to champions; Please, run, Kerry, run all over them. Good luck Sunday. I know one 11 year old boy who will be cheering!!!

Great post im very sorry to hear about your son but its great that you and your family have something to enjoy together (the Riders) Im not a Religeous man but the Riders give me a different type of hope and faith GO RIDERS GO and good luck to you and your family

Bradamy, you should go to Kerry's website and send your message to him there. :slight_smile: