Run Game where is it!?

MR Fragile Walker on the Bench , Gable can't power rush heck even using Lamar to carry the Ball enough is enough bring back Avon Cobourne he can help this team I know lots of people will shoot me down but right now WE HAVE NO RUNNING GAME PERIOD :cowboy: :thdn: :lol:

The running game starts with the run blocking of the O-Line...'nuff said...

May I add its start of the 4th ESKS 146yds, Hammered 46 fricken YDS says it all?!!

COme on buddy without HEalthy Walker we can’t rush!

With Walker out the Cats have put the running game into a talented back the problem is that the last time he played any signifigant time in a game was in 2008 with USC. A couple of training camps and a stink in a lower level Indoor league has been it. So as some guys have to shake the rust after a season he has 4 years of rust to shake off.
either they wait it out with him or wait for Walker to be ready.
There are a couple of free guys out there that played last season that maybe could have been brought to camp to help in the short run but in the long run Austin has his guy in Gable apparetnly as well as Walker in for the long run

A team cannot run the ball unless holes are opened up…

Avon should have at least been brought into camp to fight for a spot the Rbacks we have are terrible , AVon had 700 YDS last year and only played part of it?!

True 99 we need a RB , they should have brought in a seasoned back like Avon Coborne

This is just another O-line that does not derserve to be playing professional football. You're all right; they can't open up holes for any RB, no matter what his name is. And more importantly in this passing league, they rarely give our QBs enough time to find a receiver. Why can't we ever find the talented American tackles that other teams seem to have?

8) Ask our scouting staff that question !! :oops:

Danny McManus ( great guy and of course, the last Ticat QB to win the Cup ) is the Director of American Scouting. He clearly knows young receivers and returners, but maybe he should hire some retired O-line college coaches to scout out some of those big-sides-of-beefs from the SEC.