Run and Shoot. Thoughts?

Any thoughts on the Run and Shoot offence June Jones wants to implement?

I checked the NFL experience with Run and Shoot and its developments and it looks like it has a lifespan of 2-3 years. June Jones has tweaked it but is it a stop-gap plan to make up for a weak O line?

And how long will it take the opposition's defence to figure out how to cover Run and Shoot...just like they figured out how to stop Brandon Banks.

My concern also is that it will mean that we will likely continue without an effective running game. How good is Run and Shoot in the Red zone?

We may get some answers tomorrow night.

The run and shoot is pretty much what every CFL team runs. It's based on receivers making option decisions on the fly.

It was considered new when it first hit the NFL scene... But that's why June Jones is a good fit for the NFL.

You wont see much difference from the Ticats.

  1. mr62cats, as i am sure that you are aware, it was Darell " Mouse" Davis that introduced the Run
    and shoot offence to the CFL back in the early 80's .

It is an effective offence as long as you have a QB that can roll out and throw on the run, like
Condrege Holloway, and Joe Barnes did back then for the Argos !!

As you say, it can have a short lifespan once opposing defences figure out how to defend it .

It can definitely work for this present day TiCats, at least for a year or two.

But you have to have the right personnel to make it effective !!

Before he got injured Zach was rolling out almost all the time. He's since stopped running as much and I think that's what's exposed the o line.

I only hope he is still able to with his knee

I remember Mouse Davis and his run and shoot. I know that kind of offence has been modified by other coaches including June Jones. He saw that the shotgun would buy time for the QB who would have been left vulnerable in the original Run and Shoot. We have that problem now!
I was just wondering if anyone thought it was still an effective offence given it has been tossed out or has undergone many changes since the early 1990's.
I think the Run and Shoot is an incomplete still need a running game. Unfortunately we have already given that up for the most part. the Run and Shoot a case of Back to the Future? Or a desperation attempt to salvage the season?

I have another name for the Run and Shoot . I like to refer to it as "The Chuck and Duck".......which with how our offence line has looked all season is maybe a better description anyway. :-\

Collaros needs to wear a brace on that reconstructed knee. If Jones is going to force him to roll out of the pocket more, the brace will help Collaros' confidence and minimize his concerns about another blow-out knee injury and also provide additional protection should that knee sustain a direct hit. Could be career-saving.

Unless you're the team doctor, your comment is useless.

(also.... pretty sure he wears one already....)

Well, let's win one game with the playbook we have first, shall we? Not into the "hey coach, check what June came up with on this napkin" school of revisionism until we can at least block properly for sixty minutes. Oh yes, that that thing called running the ball too.

Oski Wee Wee,