Run-and-shoot: Jones and Glanville

Tempted to become a Tiger-Cats fan rather than an Alouettes fan in 2018.

I'd love to see the ole Atlanta Falcons/Houston Oilers attitude of disrespecting their opponents (Jerry Glanville) this coming season.

All Hamilton needs now is Mouse Davis.

Ticats coaching staff could use a little veteran experience. Young guys like June Jones (age 65) and Jerry Glanville (age 76) could learn a lot from Mouse Davis (age 85).

Schedule might need to be changed so Hamilton only plays day games though, coaching staff heads to bed around 7:30 PM :stuck_out_tongue:

You don't miss the good ole days of June Jones at Hawaii and the Houston Gamblers of the USFL?

Those three guys, even though they're older, bring pizzazz to the league.

If would be cool as hell if Jerry Glanville could get into a major tiff with the other teams in the league like he did with the NFL Bengals/Sam Wyche.

It would be cool if Jack Pardee were still alive. Add him to the staff too.

The Riders did a version of that... I called it the shoot and run... they would shoot themselves in the foot with an incomplete pass on 1st down, and run on 2nd & long... then punt on 3rd down.