Rumours are popping up like crazy about trades

I am not one to believe media hype but the "rumour" swirling around is that The Bombers are looking to trade for a couple more picks or our picks for proven Canadian Content, names being thrown around are:

Ike Charlton and a pick for????
Ian Logan and a pick for ?????
Keyno Craver and/for ????
Even Reids name has been discussed

The rest of today and tommorow may have a few surprises!!

i dunno what to beleive anymore. rumors are just that.. until they come true i dunno but...

charlton makes sense, we have alot of younger linebackers.

logan? not so much. he's pretty solid.

reid? we do have bernard and i think the bombers brass are high on marc and rb is an easy position to fill.

craver? hmm.. dont see how he would fetch us much but allright.

could see craver and charlton being packaged together or reid and craver but i dont see craver getting much on his own.

who knows. where have u seen these rumors? fan sites or what? cuz its pretty easy for fans to throw out rumors on the net and for them to catch on. got a link or just is it from some fans on the extra point or something?

all this could just be people blowing smoke up peoples butts so they tune in tomorrow at 11 our time, 9am vancouver time.

who knows.

the one thing i find interesting is u say to upgrade our canadian talent for proven canadian talent.

wouldnt ian logan be about as proven of a canadian talent as you can get? outside of doug brown and brendon labatte?

It's been a long time since a draft day stirred up this much excitement, about time.

Cannot argue the point about "rumours" being just that and i was thinking about the names thrown around and you are right about Craver not fetching much unless a pick is thrown in or he is bundled with another player, same as for Logan. Charlton makes a ton of sense for a few reasons, his age, his salary and depth again same goes for Reid, but makes more sense since we have Bernard and have the possibility to draft either Montoya or Henry.

IF any of this is true Ike may fetch a second RD pick and it may take our 4th or 6th RD as well to get a 2ND round pick, Rrid should fetch a 1ST Rounder or a 2ND or Third Rounder for a proven Canadian LB/DB on another team. It could go alot of ways and the excitement is building, i am sure all GMS are prepared for the draft but are still working the phones. We will know for sure in less than 24 Hours.

Yes Logan is as Canadian as we can get but if he fetches a good pick he can be replaced even by an Import. As for my quote about about the upgrade thing, i must have made a mistake, what i meant is (in Today's Free Press) that The Bombers are LISTENING to offers, but if a trade is to be made we would HAVE TO get either picks or proven Canadian Player's.

My Ticats have apparently offered Winnipeg Zac Carlson (OL, taken in supplemental draft last year) and a neg list player for the #6 pick in round 1.

I hope they consider that at least... maybe throw in a player and try and get your second rounder though.

This offer should appeal to Mack because Carlson has been in the league for a year, and can start/play right away, as opposed to Bender and a few other OL in the draft, who are going back to school for a year, or who may never play in the CFL because they may end up in the NFL. The Ticats now have depth at backup OL, with Rottier and Morencie on board, so Carlson is expendable in Hamilton, even though he was a high draft pick last year.

I know all about Carlson, He could probably be the answer to the right gaurd spot that the bombers covet… but I would definately be more willing to keeping our pick, and taking a chance on Matte in the 4th if you guys couldnt sweeten the pot a little more

thinking about it more.. the rumored deal with carlson and the neg lister (beleived to be qb alex brink) for our 6th pick and i think.. if hamilton was willing to throw in bauman and or the 12th pick plus a later round (3rd maybe).. pick.. id take that deal.

but as things stand right now or when the rumor was posted like around 1PM LOL...

i dont think so.

carlson,12th pick,neg lister = maybe.
carlson,bauman,12th, neg lister = yes.
carlson,12th, later rd pick, neg lister = yes.

however, bombers could make a trade and get the 7th or 8th pick maybe or 9th and still get gesse.. so it really all depends on what the bombers and other team do b4 hand.

if cats want our 6th and we somehow manage to grab the 7th from mtl or 8th from sask/toronto, or even the 9th... and we could still have a chance at getting gesse, then i think yes id make that move but i dunno. it would be nice if we kept our first round pick for a change.. last one was labatte and he worked out pretty well.

Kind of unrealistic in you expectations for our first rounder... Carlson Bauman would be a steal of a deal for us, Carlson and the 12th selection would be a yes