…WHAT THEY ARE SUGGESTING IS THAT…the Bombers will trade Barrin Simpson…Kevin Glenn…and another ‘d’ player…for Anthony Calvillo…don’t know about anyone else…but i’m a little skeptical about this one…Giving up Glenn and Simpson…no-way…Anthony is a great qb. …luv to have him…but looking at his age, 34,…where will the Bombers be in a couple of years when Calvillo has to hang em’ up…and Glenn …who is very young…is gone…Also…i would hate to lose Barrin Simpson…too valuable…although it might be easier to replace a star middle-linebacker…than to find a Calvillo…The way the trade is RUMOURED in its stucture…is a hard one not to look at…but if it includes Glenn…i can’t see it happening… :roll:

I don't know if this would be a great trade for us. I like A.C. but I think that he is in his declining years. If we have to give up Simpson, Glenn, and another player for A.C., we should get another player in return. In my dream world I would like to see Cahoon and Calvillo for Simpson, Glenn, and whatever decent player they want. I know DREAM ON, but it still doesn't hurt to dream.

I'm not a big fan of that trade.

Calvillo did not look all that much better than Glenn this year and he likely is nearing the end of his career.

I'd stick with Simpson and Glenn.

That deal makes no sense. Simpson was a key to the Bomber defense, to give that up now is crazy.

A better long shot long shot rumour would be, make a deal with BC for the rights to Printers. Trade those rights and Glenn straight up for Calvillo. As much as Papa would like to see Printers in Blue and Gold, I honestly beleive Printers will only play in a Big City market like Toronto, Montreal or BC. (And we don’t need him in BC any more!)

well this is a stupid trade if they actually do it its not opening up cap room or anything calvillo is making as much as those 2 players combined are making and calvillo only has a few years left in the tank if it was glenn for calvillo i would say yes do it but to add simpson is just stupid like add a draft pick or anything not simpson he's the only one that could tackle and we need him on the team to teach a few players how to tackle :roll: malveaux and malbrough

Which Media was this in? I don't believe a word of it. Number one as stated Calvillo is up in age and YES his best days are over. Even if you included Cahoon (which won't happen) he is also 34 Years old and close to the end of his career. Glenn, Simpson and another player for JUST Calvillo is plain stupid.

We cannot give up any of our defensive players number 1, especially Simpson as he was the leading tackler i the CFL. Also if Glenn goes, so does his good buddy ARMSTRONG. That would not sit well with Armstrong at all. Now if we are to go after a QB it should be one of the great back-ups in the league (Biship, Brady, Greene, Butler, Crandell, Pierce) as a push for Glenn for the starting job.

Another option is to go after Jason Maas, he was rumoured to want out of Hamilton anyway's. And if you were to give up Simpson in a trade with Glenn and another player, the other team would have to give up some stock as well, even if it is Calvillo or Maas. Also don't rule out Burris (who is on the hot seat in CGY). I can live with Glenn being traded, but if they trade Simpson, i would be the first to march to Canadinns Stadium and start a riot...LOL...

Again if Glenn goes and Simpson goes, there goes our best defensive player in a few years, there goes a younger QB for an old one nearing the end of his career and also ARMSTRONG won't want to be here if Glenn is gone.

Why am I ranting? LOL.... this is just another rumour, it's that time of year again, the rumour mill. We will see what happens but if this trade happens, sh!t will hit the fan in the PEG and Taman would be the first target.

Rumours do bring interesting conversation sometimes.Glenn does have a bad knee, it needs major surgery, rehab is about 6 to 8 months, he elected not to have it last off season. With Glenns health in question..the trade stll would be a bad deal for us...

...first of all the media was the Wpg. Free Press....and Mont. Gazette.....secondly...i really don't like this rumoured trade as it stands....We cannot give up Barrin Simpson.....or a young Glenn for an ageing qb....even though i consider Calvillo one of the top qbs. in the league...Maybe if other players were involved i might see here's some arguements for A TRADE to acquire Calvillo and things to ponder

IF....Marshal leaves for greener pastures...i know Simpson won't be a happy camper....Marshal and Harris(a buddy of Simpsons) were one of the reasons he signed on with the Bombers....that, and he liked a very football friendly football town such as Wpg.

IF ....Marshal ends up as a head-coach somewhere else...possibly Montreal....could Harris and Barrin be very far behind anyway....?

The Bombers would really miss Simpson but....a middle linebacker is easier to find...than a quarterback of Calvillos stature..

As far as Calvillos' contract goes....i think that can be re-structured...

the only real fly in the ointment i see is giving up Glenn...this trade will never happen if we have to include Kevin in the deal....and it just would not be worth it.....other players ....MAYBE????? :roll: :roll:

wow if calvillo leaves montreal he’ll be pissed and do everything to bring a grey cup to that city and hopefully its with winnipeg its like the same situation as mccallum was in and look what happened with him just dont trade simpson thats all i say glen+draft pick is good for calvillo