Rumoured signings

Not sure if any of you guys go on ourbombers, but the bombers are rumoured to have signed zach Anderson and Marcus Hyde.

Anderson is a beast of a man and could either be the next John chick or bryant turner. Weighs 270 and runs a 4.63 40, 38" vert., 10' broad, 7.37 3cone and 4.35 shuttle.

With those measurable s he could either be a super athletic and super strong DE, or he could be a super agile DT. I'm personally hoping they get him to drop 10 - 15 and make a great all around beast of a DE for us. Would be nice to ave a beast DE opposite Alex hall and on either side of man beast jt gilmore and cfl all star bryant turner. Just my opinion though.

Marcus Hyde looks like a fairly promising prospect as well. His jumping numbers are not all the impressive(28.5vert, 9'8"broad)but he ran a 4.61 for th bombers back in feb. and is very quick in the shuttle and 3 cones.(4.21 shuttle and 7.08 3 cone)

Mainor could be in trouble if he's undisciplined a again this year. Needs to work on the penalties bad contain. If he did I personally believe that he could be one of the best in the league.

I've read that Anderson does well in a 3-4 line. What about him, Turner and Hall on the line with 4 LB' s behind them?
We've got a host of new /existing players that can line up in the SAM or WIL spots, but also physical enough to crash the Oline, or fast enough to cover RB's (depending on the player). Guys like Frazier, Harris, Hyde, etc are all going to push for jobs.
Could create a lot of problems for offences.

Agreed but If we were to use a 3-4 we would be using our biggest guys on the line.

It would look more like; Anderson-Gilmore-Turner.

Freddie Harris could be a great DI for us if he makes an impact. He can play End, and he looks pretty good @ OLB too, mind you it was arena league. But he was able to drop back and defend passes, as well as play contain and stuff the run. He's also pretty good on ST's.... Runs a 4.49, which is very fast in this league.

More infor on Zach:

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700 pound squat:

I liked what Gilmore brought last year when he was able to get in, but I really don't know if he makes the team this year - and he certainly wouldn't at the expense of Alex Hall. I think 1 of him or Carroll will be gone.
Nice to see so many interesting defensive prospects at camp this year :thup:

Bombers could potentially use a 3 man line with the 4th "LB" being a hybrid stand up edge rusher who can drop back in short to mid cover range. Not sure about his cover ability but the video on Dexter Davis Jr showed he could potentially be strong stand pass rusher from the edge. As mentioned before, maybe Fred Harris can fit the bill there too. Hall should get a starting spot and along with Turner are likely to hold onto spots. I thought Gilmore showed some progress last year as well. Jake Thomas I though also showered some growth last year but being a rare NI amongst the Dline may hinder him this year to mainly ST status. Anderson sounds like at one point he was a strong NFL prospect, if he can adapt to the 1 yard rule quickly in camp and show those skills he could factor in. With 3-4 solid guys returning from 2012 and some really intriguing prospects, Dline is shaping up to potentially be quite a battle.

I'm also interested to see where they'll fit in Ian Wild into the mix, whether he'll challenge Terrell Parker for Bowman's spot or could be in the mix for the SAM, solid hitter good at wrapping up players with the ball or separating them from it. I think they've brought in a few intriguing guys, could be a number of hard decisions for the coaches.

Speaking of Zach Anderson, looks like he's liking the new stadium -

Also St Mary's Husky's QB Ben Rossong tweeted he'll be in camp with the bombers. Not sure if that's been reported yet.

Similar reaction from Marcus Hyde:

Marcus Hyde @Marcus_Hyde Winnipeg's stadium is ridiculously cool, on that note, Time for bed, busy day tomorrow! [url=][/url]