Rumour- We have signed all of our 2019 draft picks

That is very good news - especially for the O-Line.

I believe we had 8 draft picks in 2019 : Gibbon, Kalinic, Ungerer, Irons , Lawley, Dufault, Campbell, and Whyte .
The 2018 drafts at this year’s camp would be Davis, Van Pelt, and possibly Chapman .

Pat Lynch ( I got a good feeling about this year :))

Confirmed (both the signings and there being eight). Also, the club has signed their 4 picks in the two Global Drafts:

Thank you Ottawacat. You are the man !

Pat Lynch ( I know 8 is more than 7 and that’s a good thing :))

Impressive if true!

Is it impressive that we signed all of our draft picks or that I know the difference between 8 and 7 ? :wink:

Pat Lynch (the old wrinkled warrior)

Good to have all of the draft picks in camp and we’ll see which of the late round picks emerges as a"diamond in the rough" like Erls did last season. :smiley: i already expect the top 3 or 4 picks to be good of course!