...I see the edm. journal has got Kavis Reed high on the list as head coach for the esks....?????Also says that Hall will be terminated and be headed to work for his friend Bellefuiele in ham.?????If this turns out to be fact...Marshall would be put of a job...Do we pursue him or Hall if Ritchie gets canned...????? :roll: ...My preference would be Hall as dc. as we've seen Marshalls work before...i was never that impressed with Greg..........ALL heavy conjecture at this point?????????????

Another rumour is that LaPo is definitely interested in a canuck receiver in riderville....I know Baumans name(ham.) has come-up and he is an fa....but the one in sask. (Bagg or Getzlaff) is a new one?????? I guess the rumours will be flying thick and heavy but none will be allowed to become fact and overshadow the playoffs/ Cup for now............Distinct possibilities though...Maybe our off-season will bring us a few surprises...??????????? :roll: :roll:

Can you link me up please??I'm very interested in reading about Hall possibly coming to the Hammer.

....sorry can't link you 15 champs....just something i picked-up off the Edmonton Journal recently....pure speculation anyway...but the way the author of the article's a done deal as far as Hall goes in edm. and he could be headed to Ham.....also went on to describe how Tilman has the utmost respect for Kavis Reed and he will be a top contender to replace Hall...We shall see????...We;ve been led astray by media reports before :wink: :lol: I would say nothing is going to happen until well after the Cup...if it happens at all..

Well papa we've got all offseason to speculate on such things. . . but why not start now ??

I agree that Richie Hall is probably on some thin ice in Edmonton. . . Tillman has an established track record of hiring FOE (Friends of Eric) and Richie wouldn't appear to be one, given that Tillman passed him over not once but twice for a head coaching gig.

Hamilton as Hall's destination makes some sense given that he and Bellefeuille worked together in the past; but would Hamilton fire Marshall to make room for him?

Not sure why ET is supposedly high on Kavis Reed. . .

And Getzlaf? Man you could do worse; that kid's got some serious talent. . .

Well I'm off to polish up my resume. . . Larry Smith resigned in Montreal so I think I should apply for his position. . . may I use you as a reference? LOL

Things we don't know:

Length of Hall's contract with Edmonton. If he signed a 2 year contract then they wouldn't have to fire him, his contract would be up and he would be a coaching FA. If it was a 3 year contract then he might not be coaching anywhere next year depending on whether Tillman and Hall could make a settlement deal.

FOE - Yes he passed over Hall twice but that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't friends. Tillman made comments about Hall being someone who was in touch with him quite a bit during Tillman's legal troubles.

Players - If the players indicate they are behind Hall in the exit interviews then it could tip the balance.

Still the veteran quarterback insists he would love to go back to war along with head coach Richie Hall and most of the team that finished off the second half of the 2010 campaign.

“I think if you look at everybody in that locker-room, everybody enjoys playing for Richie,? Ray said shortly after being eliminated from the Canadian Football League playoffs Saturday night in Regina. “He’s such a good guy, well respected. He gives us a lot of confidence as players to just go out there and play.

“I hope everything works out and we can continue what we got going here in the second half of this year and build for the future.?

Personally I hope we don't lose Kavis Reed. I think he did a great job with the defence especially considering the inexperience and injuries. Our defence was much better in the second half of the season than the first.

.........Feel free.....Although i don't know if you'll breakdown the Als. mangement. office doors , using my name as a ref......they'll probably say that 'papazoola' doesn't really ring a bell :roll: :lol: Any way you got my vote to replace Smith :thup: :rockin:

....Naylor is also speculating today on tsn that Reed 'could' be the next headcoach in edm....( i think he might be on to something....orrrrrr on something) :lol:

If they take Kavis, can we please have Mark Nelson back?

.....why not replace him with Hall....Some are speculating that Hall would head off to the hammer....i for one doubt it....Marshall is becoming a fixture there and his defence is actually not performing all that bad...I could see Hall looking at the talent laden Bomber defence and saying....'WOW....i think i could work with that bunch' :thup: ....Hall was a proven d co-ordinator in Regina....This might be a good move for all concerned.....Besides if Reed was smart he would keep Nelson on staff...and i believe Kavis is a very smart man :wink:Tilman was saying he is nfl smart...He sure fooled me at the beginning of the year but sure put it together at the end .....In any event, I think we're getting a way ahead of ourselves here...Fun speculating though :slight_smile:

Interesting to say the least.

Just my opinion but, I don't think that Kavis has earned a shot at a HC gig just yet. That is usually reserved for the guys who have proven themselves over the years as outstanding co-ordinators.

in my opinion, if Kavis goes to be an HC in Edmonton and we can sign Richie Hall as our DC.. I'd consider that an upgrade. Although my opinion of Reed has definitely changed since the first half of this year, Hall's a real good one.

someone like Getzlaf would be awesome, but I'd be surprised if any of the available Canadian receivers in Saskatchewan are their regulars. but I'd absolutely love to have Getzlaf on our team.

Getzlaf signed a new contract before this season so I doubt he'll be a FA this off-season.

Honestly, if there's a Canadian receiver leaving Saskatchewan I'd be expecting it to be Cetoute or maybe Clermont.. not Bagg or Getzlaf and definitely not Fantuz or Sisco.

Clermont would be a good fit for you guys.I'd like to see the guy get some more playing time as well.He thought he was doing a smart thing by signing with his hometown team but man did he ever get a raw deal.Time to move east there Jason.

Agreed, I don't see Bagg or Getzlaf being let go by Sask anytime soon and disrupting their Canadian air force. IIRC I think both of those guys might be signed into next years. Clermont might be let go, but I doubt he would be looking for another team at this stage in his career. Cetoute seems to be the odd man out there and showed some glimpses in Toronto. I don't think he played much this year, though there might've been an injury situation with him in training camp or early in the season.

....who said anything about them being an fa......there's always the trade option :wink: ...Granted it would have to be a pretty good player going the other that sask. is in need of....orrrrrrrr a draft pick....which Mack said he would look at IF there was a credible ni coming to us in a deal...we'll see...... :wink:

Well the problem there papa is that obviously the Riders would want some serious talent going the other way in exchange for Getzlaf. . . and since their crying need is to stop the run, they'd probably want someone off of your D line, and since I happen to think your D line is one of the strongest (if not THE strongest) in the league, personally I'd be loathe to tinker with it.

.....true about our defence MadJack....but we do have a need for an ni receiver...That could be filled if Baumann is brought in....I don't know what Rob Baggs status is but he's another interesting prospect....kind of injury prone though..It could be that one of these guys joins us... :roll: :roll:

I would want to know more about the knee injury that Bagg suffered before thinking about trading for him. I also think that whoever Lapo may be interested in would be a FA.

As for the Riders needing help with the run, I think it's more the defensive philosphy that needs to be changed, not the players.

That's possibly true in part Blue Blood. . . but I do also believe that the loss of Chick and Baggs really hurt them.