Rumour True?

It's obviously an administrative error for the CFL. Every single league moves the amount of a salary from an injured player off the total cap when the player gets moved to the IRL. They were talking about on tsn and I would have to agree that what the CFL should do is add all player salary's - then subtract amounts owing to players moved to the injured reserve - then if they are over the cap - fine them.

This formula is why you hear about NHL and NFL teams being made to prove player injuries so that they can make sure it is only truly injured players on the list.

Could you image next year on a team like Hamilton if Printers and 3 others went down with serious injuries. They might as well fold the team for the season as they wouldn't have any cap space to field a full team.

As one of the other posters said in the CFL only players on the 9 game injured list have there salaries exempted from the cap. So if in the last 6 games of the season you loose 8 players to injury - every single player you sign to replace them counts against the cap as does the injured players salary. This is an example of a worst case scenario that the CFL didn't think through. 9 games sounds like nothing - if your thinking about hockey - in the CFL its 1/2 a season.

The league should review any team that has to sign replacements and then decide is it a case of a team trying to improve themselves via NFL cast offs, or is it a case of key players injured that teams don't carry back ups for so they needed to sign short term back fill? What if after Dickenson went down then in game 10 Peirce and Buck both went down for the season? Under the current rules if BC was at the cap thats it - pick another current lion to play QB even if they had never done it before. We all know thats silly and they need to find replacements.

Just like any other league they add all player salaries, subtract all injured player salaries and that determines the cap. Yet another case of the CFL not getting it right - hopefully they fix this for every team this off season

i have to think a six-game injured list is coming
tillman has publicly said the Riders are in trouble as per the cap, due to the injuries they've had. it's no rumour. it's right from his mouth.
i guess if they are over, they will pay the price

Although I would hope common sense prevails - what if BC and the Riders had one or 2 more injures the second half and where restricted under the cap to just the players they have - at what point would they finally just fold for the season?

I don't think its as much dropping the IRL to 6 games as creating a method where WHEN any team has to sign a replacement for an injured player they have the ability to do so without effecting cap space. That should occur when a team declares a player on the IRL ( once there they simply can't be added back without a cap hit ).

Heard rumors of 3, 6 and 9 game lists. All available to be exempt from the cap. Rules are the same for all the teams so there is not much room for complaint.

Don't forget most teams have players on front end loaded contracts to get the high priced talent hidden before the cap came into effect. Saskatchewan with their high turnover of players vs last years roster, may not have been able to front end contracts other teams did. That being said the salary issue is a non-issue, as always there are teams able to hide more that others. B.C. hides much of Buonos pay as GM salary does not come under the cap but coaches do. Saskatchewan has little area to hide salaries because of their community ownership.

Saskatchewan fans get used to it if you win. The 7 losers will always whine about the winners having an edge. They complain about: salary, turf, domes, or and the old standby, ampiflied crowd noise. Of course you all know about this cause you were on the whining side for more years than you care to remember.

All that being said this is as stated just another non-issue, the important thing now is.


The Riders are over their cap. That is why you have a practise roster. And you use players from this roster to cover for injuries. These are the rules that the rest of the teams had to abide by. But not Tillman. His decision was to cheat. And sign other players. This is not rocket science. I can hardly wait till Asper takes over the Bombers. We won't be abiding by any caps. With his big bucks we will sign any player we want. Asper will have a field day during free agency.

So where will that leave the league? Asper will spend a bunch of money, loose a lot of money, want to sell the team with no buyers. Not a good idea. If Saskatchewan, and I say if, has broken the rules as they were, apply the penalties as they are. Everybody knew the rules. Why go back to where we were? Nobody wins.

He won;t care about losing a few bucks. He is one of Canada;s richest people. He grew up watching Bomber games. And he is one of the Bombers biggest fans. I do not think he will be selling anything, He more or less said so. Do you think Tillman cares about the league ?? He went over. And their team is going to the cup. What does that say ? If this would have been Toronto or BC all the loud mouths in the league would be shouting for someone;s head.

According to the SMS (salary management system), injuried player's salaries count towards the cap. With the RIDERS suffering the most man-loss games due to injury, they had no choice to go over, otherwise they would not of been able to field a 42 man roster each week. The SMS plan has to be revised so that the cap is determined by the players who are playing each week, injuried players excluded. There has to be another category for the salaries of LEGITIMATELY injured players (not those who are on the injury list to be protected from being plucked off the practice roster) that limits those salaries to a specified amount. I think the SMS is good for our league, but the limit has to be raised if injured player salaries are not placed in a separate category.

So what if they are over? They'll pay the penalties.

Did anyone expect that a team would not go over the salary limit since they now have an SMS? It won't be the last time this happens regardless of the reasons. The SMS is a work in progress

The SMS was not instituted for the fun of it. The survival of the league will depend on it. People who have pockets full on money did not get there blowing bundles on toys. Look at the history of the league. For a while it was one crisis after another. If those in small markets think they can flex their muscles, think again.

If they exceeded the cap, they should be penalized, based on the existing rules. The reason for exceeding the cap is irrelevant. All teams had the same rules, some had hardships, others didn't, some broke the cap, others didn't.

If the league chooses to alter its injury list system in order to alleviate those hardships in the future, fine. All teams will be under the same rules, so there is no unfairness.

But they can't suspend penalties to teams who have broken the rules that are already in place. That would be unfair to those who cut down their rosters in an attempt to abide by the cap.

Of course they should be penalized. I have no problem with a team going over, as long as they pay the fines associated with it. This isnt a hard cap.

from what I understand the issues are injury related. I also understand the CFL is looking at bringing in a six-game injured list, to help teams juggle their lineup without having to waste cap space on guys who are injured
The Riders are over their cap. That is why you have a practise roster. And you use players from this roster to cover for injuries. These are the rules that the rest of the teams had to abide by. But not Tillman. His decision was to cheat. And sign other players. This is not rocket science. I can hardly wait till Asper takes over the Bombers. We won't be abiding by any caps. With his big bucks we will sign any player we want. Asper will have a field day during free agency.
It's not cheating - if it was the team would be suspended or disqualified. Obviously they knew that for some positions problems could occur and they built in a penalty process. To call it cheating is absurd. Yes most teams have a practice roster but no team carries an endless number of players for all positions. For some positions such as Qb, Kickers, Receivers etc teams just don't have an endless supply to draw from without signing new players. That's why the league gets the final say on what if any penalty is applied to any team going over the cap. I'm sure the league will look at how many injuries and if they burnt through the practice roster as well. For the riders that did happen.

If at the end of the day the league finds that the Riders went over the cap not because of injuries but because they simply wanted more talent - The just like a penalty on field - there will be a price to pay. If the other teams thought going over the cap was cheating and should disqualify a team - then the owners would have imposed that as a penalty. They did'nt.

Agreed....but this is the first year of the SMS. Still some work to be done no doubt.

Did you think that because they implemented it this year that there would be no problems?

I guess alot of people assumed that because they seem to be shocked that a team would go over the cap. I was expecting it

Rules are rules. The reason the salary cap was put in place was to protect community owned teams and give them a fair level playing field with the private owners. Who may I add had a history of buying championships. Now we have a situation where Sask. a community owned team has gone over the cap. And taken advantage of this situation, Used the excuse that this was due to injuries as stated by Tillman. If Tillman knew he going to be over the cap, then he should have asked the league for permission to do so. Before signing additional players. He knew exactly what he was doing. Many other teams have had to use practise roster players and move players to other positions to offset injuries. This is a lame and feeble attempt by Sask. to justify cheating when other teams have had to abide by this cap. It will be interesting to see what kind of fines will be leveled against the Riders. I am sure all teams will be watching this closely. :stuck_out_tongue:

What I heard on the radio, Friday afternoon about 5pm on CBC 1 Sask. Colin Grewar (sp?)talking to the commissioner.
If a team is over the cap, that the penalties will be in the form of draft picks.
At least this is what I think I heard.

I don't want to start any arguments. I just thought I would post this because no one else has said anything about what the penalties might be.

Yes I believe that we are over the cap. It seems to me that this could turn into a long debate.
I don't want to be part of it.
It is what it is, I do not follow the CFL close enough to make any valuable judgments on that situation. I'll leave that to the league & coaches & such.

One thing that I'm quite sure of is that each of our opinions will differ, depending on where our teams are at the moment.

I would also like to say thank you to the person that said this is the 1st year for the cap & that they had not expected it to be perfect.

One last thing, Sask is admitting that they are over the cap. Is anyone else admitting it? Or are we the only ones over? I guess time will tell hopefully.

It can eventually escalate to draft picks, yes, but I believe it's a monetary amount, dollar-for -dollar on the first hundred thousand, double for the next hundred thousand, before draft picks are taken away.

Tillman has been saying for months that the team would likely be a bit over cap, so it is no surprise. The rules allow teams to be over the cap, they just have to be prepared to pay fines and possible loss of draft choices.

I am sure that injuries have contributed to this, but as I said, Tillman has been open about this for months.

I just hope that the audit is well done as I am sure that other teams are over as well, heck can any of you believe that Dickinson only makes $250,000 a year?

...well that's what he would make, if he only got paid for games he was healthy for...:wink: