Rumour True?

I've heard word that the Riders are over the imposed salary cap, is this true?

If it is, it truly is unfortunate. Being a fairly neutral general CFL fan, I was excited last year to have heard of the salary cap that was to be imposed this year. I was looking forward to the equal playing field that the cap would bring to the CFL, but if this is the case, it seems as though we're back to square one where teams are still disregarding the cap.


not as cut and dry as that my friend...

Are you suggesting the Riders cheated their way into the Grey Cup? :wink:

from what I understand the issues are injury related. I also understand the CFL is looking at bringing in a six-game injured list, to help teams juggle their lineup without having to waste cap space on guys who are injured

Wasn't Saskatchewan one of the top proponents of the Salary Management System, because as a "small market" team they felt they couldn't compete on the free agent market with those teams who have money to burn?

I'm sure it's just a rumour, but if it turns out to be true I would be very disappointed.

No not at all, Im not suggesting they cheated as Im sure that they are not the only team that has gone over the cap. What I am suggesting is that if teams arent following the imposed cap, then they are simply taking away from the CFL league itself. I mean sure its great for Rider fans that they have a winning football team, but I think a salary cap that is actually reinforced would benefit all CFL fans and not just those with their respective teams.

I'm assuming by the 2 replies, that this is infact the case that they are over the cap. What other teams are? And does anyone know if there will be penalties as a result of this?

Unfortunately, I dont see that as being a valid reason to go over the salary cap as Im sure teams that have strictly followed the cap have had injuries as well.

So Wpg wins the Cup by default?? Shame on the Riders. LMAO. WTF are valid reasons then? Injuries COUNT against the cap, only the salaries of those players on the 9-game injury list do NOT count against the cap. IN FACT we will find out which teams are over the cap after the league concludes their final audits, which is after the Grey Cup. I wonder why the sources who leaked this to the media are unidentified?!?

the official status is that Saskatchewan would be the only team..

but it's because of their Injuries.

What is your offical job title with the league?

If a team goes over do they pay a luxury tax kinda deal to the rest of the teams? How does that work?

Yes, if the overage is deemed excessive by the league than the team can be docked draft picks in the next season.

Hey, does anyone actually know if this is for real? I mean, our starting QB took a sizeable pay cut in order for the team to stay within the cap so why would they go over after all that?

...I heard Edmonton was way way under the cap....oh the irony of this all...

I'll reserve further comment until something is confirmed one way or the other .... but if there is anything to this .....

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, folks.

Many of us remember Tillman cut
$600,000 out his his budget

by asking players to take pay cuts
and releasing some capable veterans.

When teams exceed the salary cap it`s usually been
because they have a large number of injured players.

They have to pay all those salaries
and the players on the active roster.

except for the notoriously high spending teams
and we all know who they are, don`t we folks?

Injuries likely to push Riders over salary cap

Canadian Press

November 23, 2007

Yeah... I didnt think it was that big of a secret... To be honest, Im not even sure how far under the cap the Riders were to begin the season.

My feeling on it is this. At least if a team goes over, they are penalized now...

Source please. I dont buy this for a minute. Injuries plagued the ENTIRE league this year. If you are correct, I’ll admit, I’d be a tad(no pun intended) perturbed with this kinda chat man(contents of parenthesis echoed). MY sources have always maintained that D. Braley(Lions) and B. Wettenhall(Mtl.) dont share that type of info as freely as someone like E. Tillman might. I guess we will all know next April anyways.


I read the source...still dont believe it.


I'm sure some accommodation will be made, if not for this season then the next one, for injuries affecting the salary cap. It's just not that big of an issue unless they go over by an amount not commensurate with their injuries.