I hope this is wrong and nothing more than an unsubstantiated rumour, but TSN reported how Coach T plus Mike Shanahan were in the mix for the Bills job.
First and NFL aside, I doubt anyone would leave a class orginization like the Als for the decrepit Bills.

Plus Marc has one more year on his contract and the Als have already gone on record they would not let him out.

I heard the same thing just now on TSN. I hope, plus any "complacency" that may have set in become a disctraction before Sunday's game. The Als have had an amazing record season, with many players racking up impressive individual stats.

However, team or individual stats mean nothing now. Both the present and future are November 22 at the Bod O. They must get their D schemes together to deal with the Printers factor. On O, I would like to see them come out of the gate like gangbusters to make a statement early and often. With two weeks off, that may be hard to do. If they take the field with fire in their eyes, focus, and execute, we'll be heading to Calgary. Go Als go!!!!

Wow, what a distraction! That and Murray Clarke looking at stop watches! :wink: :wink:


Good for Tressman!

He’s done a good job. My opinion with a 15-3 record definately my choice for Coach of the year. :thup: :thup: :thup:


I actually predicted this a couple of months ago in an email to Zurkowsky. My thinking was that the Bills did it with Marv Levy. Why not Trestman? Being close to a CFL market, the Bills are always aware of what's going on in the CFL (ie Doug Flutie most recently).

If it turns out to be true, the Als should not hold him back. He would make a lot more money with the Bills. The guy has done a great job; he deserves not to be held back.

From The Gazette today (26 Nov.):

The Gazette has learned the Als have started discussing a contract extension with Trestman, and could make an announcement about the coach's future with the team next month. This comes after reports linking Trestman to the Buffalo Bills and, last winter, the Oakland Raiders. And his name will turn up again as more NFL coaches get fired.

Trestman remains under contract to Montreal for one more season. Smith and management have maintained that fact prevents him from leaving, although it's not certain what they would decide should a team want to talk with Trestman.

"You bet," Smith said when asked whether Trestman would remain the Als coach in 2010. "He's under contract to us."

Asked whether management has sought an extension from Trestman, Smith said the group will discuss it shortly. "But," he quickly added, "you may be asking a rhetorical question. We're all very happy with Marc's accomplishments, but there's more to be done."

Is Mark going to be the first CFL coach to make a million dollars a year ?
Assuming he agrees to an extension it would have to be 500k or more me thinks. That's very nice money for six months a year !

Oh oh!
If that was Herb reporting a rumour that Trestman is staying. We are doomed. Trestman will be leaving for sure :lol:

The way I read it, is the Doctor is about to make Mark an offer to keep him in Montreal. Nowhere does he suggest that Mark is willing to do this.

One other thing is that the Bills (or all other NFL teams for that matter) have substantially deeper pocket than the Als, obviously. Therefore, contract or no contract, what can stop them to buy Trestman out, if they want to?

The Als dont have to sell

:lol: Good one! :thup:

We all hope he stays.
I watched on TSN pod cast the coaches intervies yesterday.
The man has class, says he loves his team, the league etc.
So maybe it is not so far fetched that he wants to stay.

I can see him staying,
He is well compensated and there comes a time in peoples lives where money is no longer an issue. Also, he gets to spend the off season at home with his family, thats not always possible in the NFL

I think so too, at least another year

Oh BTW ro, thanks :wink: