Rumour: Stegall to be traded to Sask

Just heard on CJOB that Saskatchewan is trying to trade for Milt Stegall. Coach Daley denied it, but objectively it could be a good move for our future if we could get some good young players. If the trade did go through (which I hope it doesn't), who would we want?

This would also allow Stegall to play for a winner. I hope the trade doesn't go through because we need Stagall for our run at the Grey Cup next year in Winnipeg. However, Stegall could have privately asked for a trade to a winner...

Hmm could be true, but i don't think danny or shivers will trade out anyone because we like our young guys, and yea we don't really want to give up anyone. Stegall would be a hell of a player to have though, thats for sure!

If Stegall wanted to play for a winner, Sask. is the last place he's want to play. Get him to play in Montreal or BC, he's have a chance at a Grey Cup. Dickenson or Calvillo would pass for over 50 TD's...... Riders a winner...HAHAHAHA....they only have 5 wins, and 3 are against my of the worst teams in the league right now.

that's hilarious coming from a bomber fan! :lol:

Hey...I am just being realistic. I don't want to see Stegall go....but he is such a selfless person...out of fairness to Milton, it would be nice to see him win a Grey Cup with or without the help of the Bombers....and let's face it...the Bombers are struggling right now...he'd have a better chance somewhere else.

Well, first of all, they have a better chance than Winnipeg this year. Second, you add Stegall to Saskatchewan's AWESOME running game, and they would have a pretty scary offense to go along with their very solid defense - just look at the difference Brazzell made to teh Bombers offense, Stegall could do the same for Saskatchewan.

Don't get me wrong though...I hope the trade does not happen.

Well…don’t let the standings fool you. They only have 2 more wins than Winnipeg. 3 of their 5 came against Winnipeg. Riders haven’t really stepped up to the plate yet. They are dead last in the league in passing touchdowns, second last in the league in points per game and near the bottom in total offence. I don’t think one player (Stegall) could be their missing link because they have SH** for QB’s. Running game is ok and a stingy D…but Sask will probably not even make the playoffs.

Who would we give up for him though? Everyone has been making clutch catches all around the field for us lately. French looked real sharp making some key first downs on second and long last game vs Winnipeg. Besides, Travis Moore already serves the old guy factor on our team just fine.

You did say winner did you not! Riders have not won anything!

Exactly what I have been getting at, RedandWhite. way this happens...and if it does, i laugh ever longer at Shivers

All I am saying is that Sask has a better chance of doing anything in the playoffs compared to Winnipeg. And, the addition of Stegall to Sask's offense could make them a playoff threat. Please read all my previous posts in this thread before commenting.

hmmm you want someone young? OK Ill trade Butler for him. He could help the bombers by holding the ball for the field goal attempts. No guarentees on holding it right and not bobbling it around, but Westwood dosn't make that many anyways :stuck_out_tongue: Butler would also make for a good backup for Glenn don't you think?

You can't be serious. OUr recievers have been stinking up the joint. They drop balls all over the field. Grant, Holmes, Richardson, French, Bailey, all made drops last game. Easy drops too.

I would LOVE for this to happen. I don't see it happening. but I would love for it to happen. well depending on who we gave up that is

Sending Steagall to the sad sac Riders would be the all time dumbest moves the Winnepeg BlueBombers ever made, first they punish us by not making the playoffs last year, then do nothing about, not making the playoffs in the off season, and now we have to here BS stories of sending our living legend away to a team which only wins one Grey cup every one hundred years...

there is no one player for the riders that would make this trade worthwhile. if we were even going to consider it i would want corey holmes included but we should throw stokes at them too. i really can't even think who i would want from the riders other than holmes. eddie davis would be alright and you could throw in dominguez. actually i have always liked weathers and why not include some oline just for fun. i guess i would be interested if all these are included but lets face it. dunnigan is not in control in sask and i am sure nothing shivers is willing to trade is of any interest to us.

Well...when they asked Taman what it would take to trade Stegall to Sask., he said half the team plus a few The Winnpeg Sun had an article today and in it Stegall said he was staying put. He wants to win in WPG or nowhere.

Good for him. It's nice to see that type of loyalty in a player. Just like Passaglia in BC. Never wanted to go anywhere, or play for anyone other than BC.

Stegall has commented many times he wants to win a cup....and with the won't happen as Sask. would have to give up too much in return anyway....and besides Shivers won't deal with us .....see Glenn trade via TO. to here.....What Shivers should be looking for, AND WHAT THEY REALLY NEED IS A QB.... :lol: ..THEY HAVE PLENTY OF RECEIVERS.....

If they traded Milt...Taman would be the next to go. Unless Saskatchewan offered up something unbeleivable.