Rumour - SSK fired all training staff

Arash MadaniVerified account ?@ArashMadani 9m9 minutes ago
Per #CFL sources: The Saskatchewan Roughriders have fired their training staff.

Typical pro sports. Go 5-13, easy scapegoat are trainers.

Sorry about my effort out there today, Coach. but if the trainers had attended to my every wish and whim I would have played much better. Even though they aren't in uniform, the missed tackles, bad kicks, interceptions, fumbles, etc. rests squarely upon them.

Sheesh! Watch your back ball boy, you may be the next innocent party to blame.

Arash Madan.

Did someone report he is Access Media ?

If not, sorry for confusion. So many posts it is hard to keep up.

If they are the same person, I question the validity .

Seems like the rumour is true, a lot of chatter here locally about it. The longtime trainer Ivan Gutfriend retired prior to this past season and they had hired a guy with lots of experience with hockey players. Seems like they were unhappy with his work, some guys getting hurt training. I don't have any inside info, but that's what I've read so far.

If it is true, then I would suggest the training staff issue is the least of their worries.

Much can happen during the off season, but there are 4 very good teams in the West.

My advice to Rider fans, plan and accept finishing # 5 in 2017.

......Jones acting like the grinch now...I guess this is how it all went down... Corky (with his little pea heart) to his training staff..'YOU'RE FIRED'....and by the way Merry Christmas.

....bobo if you're out there I need a cartoon for this one.