Rumour-Solomon Elimimian released

Well, that could be a big signing for some team . . . might make a needed splash in Montreal.

Henoc was one of the few bright spots on that team.

That’s true . . . so kinda surprising they didn’t already trade Muamba and a couple of high draft picks for Eliminiam when they had the chance. :smiley:

I’m not even sure Reed is still employed by the Als, he hasn’t been seen or heard from since he leaked to his friends in Edmonton media that he had applied for the Eskimo President position meanwhile Maciocia leaked to his friends in the Montreal media that he has a deal in place with the ownership groups looking to buy the team.

Poor fans… either way they are going to be stuck with a manipulative opportunistic leaker overseeing the final days of their franchise.

Wow, this is Marty York level stuff.

You really think Reed applied to be Esks Pres. while still employed by the Als - based on an Edmonton reporter suggesting him for the job?

And that Maciocia has a deal in place with all 3 Alouette potential ownership groups?

The Als current situation is not great, all seems to be in limbo, but no need to add any more nonsense to it.

While it is Marty York style I have NO doubt both will be borne out as containing some truths. Reed wants to be EE president ( and don’t underestimate him here) and arranged to have his name dropped, and I believe DM (and Calvillo) will be involved in the Als and the new ownership group.

Well I wont underestimate the Esks board, theyd have to be nuts to hire Kavis. Read some of the comments to the initial story.

As for Reed arranging to have his name dropped, or a reporter reaching for a story, that is a matter of opinion.

I thought Sean Fleming should have been hired over Rhodes, not sure if he would be in the running this time around.

As for Maciocia, with the current sad state of the team with the francophone media, new ownership might be forced to go with him. But I believe he will know enough to surround himself with capable people and certainly wont be worse than Kavis. But he certainly doesnt have a deal with anyone, nor claimed to.

To get back on topic, Elimimion will certainly have to take a pay shaving, but teams like Calg. or Hamilton can use an elite MLB.

Yes …certainly I posted too vehemently. It is strictly my opinion re DM and Reed. There are no facts that take it beyond opinion. Good reminder.

Anyway back to the topic.
This release has the departed Wally’s finger prints all over it. When a long serving great Lion is no longer needed in BC he would often ,out of respect, allow them to be free to look for a place of their own choosing as opposed to trying to get something back in a low grade trade. That said, Solly is well past his prime with a lot of mileage on him. Many in the org have probably urged him to retire but perhaps he wants to play a bit longer.

If that is the case, Elimimian would have been better off being released prior to the start of Free Agency. Lions continually retaining his rights just reduces his options of signing elsewhere for what he believes is a fair price.

100% yes. And why wouldn't he? It is a promotion. He seems to be on a fail upward it seems like it might be a realistic thing for him to actually land.

overseeing the final days of their franchise.
Fairly significant words there HfxTC. ???

Back to topic … Elimimian only played 4 games last season, but his production in tackles matched his career average … but his sacks dropped off in 2017 and he had none in those 4 games last season … he is not a “known commodity” pass rusher for whatever team signs him.

Sorry, don`t buy this at all. Reporter never said he applied, only would be a possible candidate. Also doubt the Eskimos board would appreciate the ethics of a still employed Kavis applying. And league approval required for these type moves.

Would he consider it when let go by the Als? Possibly. Has he already applied? Hardly.

pretty much any applicant would hopefully be employed. If he applied for a move within the CFL without talking to his employer...yeah, that's an issue. I'm putting it out there that he above board applied....and there is nothing wrong with that...except that it's Kavis. I can't see the Esks seriously considering him.

I had to double check the stats on, but you’re right. Solly’s 2018 tackles were on par with his career average, but he sure wasn’t noticable to me. He suffered a fairly serious wrist injust that kept him out for 14 straight games, only to come back for the East Final thrashing at the hands of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, in which BC was completely outplayed and outcoached.

He is a great leader and still a “heavy” hitter, but he turns 33 during the season. Hopefully, he has re-habbed the wrist to 100%.

So just saying … Calgary is short on Defense right now and hasn’t spent a whole lotta bucks (other than QB) in this off-season! ;D

seeing his position in negotiations on the CBA…gotta think he sees no massive cap change…or he wouldn’t likely be signing yet

As for the signing itself…obviously a solid LB, but I have to assume this means defensive philosophy will be changing significantly. He is a top end side to side guy…bit the coverages asked of the LBs last season would be a significant shift for him

I'm guessing Singleton will be back. Most seem to be projecting him as such now...not so much at the time of signing though. Who knows though...he is a guy another club may PR even if it does play out that way