The NFL is boring in the U.S. also. Perhaps if you get drunk enough and stuff yourself with brats at the tailgate, the games are tolerable. But talk about disconnect, that last NFL game in Toronto was the drabbest and most pathetic athletic contest you could possibly witness. Even soccer is better live, but that's not saying much.

The latest rumour is the NFL is planning the schedule the next game in December, so it don't conflict against the CFL. But the Bills in Toronto organizers said recently that Goodell's pledge last year to support the CFL and not do anything to harm the league, was only in effect for 12 months. They said it was now open season on the CFL and they are free to schedule NFL games during the CFL season if they want. Their excuse was they wanted the Bills game in Toronto played in warmer weather, so the Bills "home-field cold weather advantage" wouldn't be compromised. :roll:

oops, how did that happen? :roll:

Oh boy, lots of discussion on the Bills' message board about this.


Posted by Mike Florio on March 22, 2009, 8:42 a.m.

[i]The good news for Buffalo fans is that the arrival of Terrell Owens makes their hometown team more attractive.

The bad news for Buffalo fans is that the arrival of Terrell Owens makes their hometown team more attractive.

According to our pal Tim Graham of, the group responsible for bringing one regular-season Bills game per year to Toronto seems to be engaged in the preliminary stages of plotting a move toward bringing two regular-season games per year to Toronto, as early as 2010.

Per Graham, a survey was sent via e-mail on Friday to folks who purchased tickets to last year’s Dolphins-Bills game played in Canada. (All fifteen of them.)

The Bills didn’t respond to a request for comment from[/i]


Does Rogers and MLSE want to lose more millions by wanting NawFuL games!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :roll: If they want to throw away money, they can throw some my way!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

more bills games played in a papered toronto house.
love it.

only Rogers is stupid enough to add more games when they cant sell the 5 they have.


i read that the next bills in TO game might be against the Colts DURING the CFL season.

if this is true, i hope CFL fans of everyteam in the GTA or hamilton area come to the very next argo game after that and sell the place out!!!

Yes dg, agree. Hey, agains't the Colts with the much cheaper ticket prices and TO, well, it'll be easily sold-out.

It will only "sell-out" if they give another 30000 tickets away again, since they haven't sold 12000 tickets in over a year(since this fiasco started)!!!!!!!!!!!!!