I know, a rumour plus a quarter won't buy you a cup of Timmy's.
Hay we all know many ink stained wretches who have made a career out of rumours or unnamed sources( eg York, Brunt etc.), however maybe where there is smoke there is fire?
Another thread from Riders Fans(Saskatchewan) is reporting that there are rumours from Team 1040 about this possibility.
The combination of atrocious ticket sales and losses in excess of 10M+, the economy, Can and the death of Ted Rogers equals the obvious?

What if this is in fact true, will this mean we can once and for all put the nail in the nonsensical wannabeNFL coffin?


I'm gonna wait for some kind of verification in print before getting excited about this.

Is it okay if I giggle in the mean time?

Na na na, na na na, hey hey hey, (NFL in T.O.) good-bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin:

Yes the fat lady is starting to sing. :thup:

With the sinking economy and devalued Canadian dollar, Rogers is taking a bath on this the tune of $5 million per game, if they are lucky. Coupled with the expected $50 million Blue Jay loss, and sizable loses in stock values, the Rogers' heirs are watching their billion-dollar nest egg starting to crumble, day by day. Luckily for them Rogers Cable is a very reliable cash cow and it should be able to tide them over until they can dispose of their money-losing sporting assets.

Although I'm not so sure they can just walk away. Ralph Wilson has a signed contract for $78 million to rent the Bills for 5 games (they also had to take 3 preseason games). They would have to cover about $40 million of Ralph's expected profits. It may be better for them to just bite the bullet and keep the series going...and have Phil Lind eat his humble pie with all his belittling of the CFL and their fans.

Nah I don't buy it with T.O playin for the Bills they have somebody NFL fans will want to see, I still think the Bills are coming back to Canada. If the medias got whiff of this story it wouldn't be just on a radio station it would be on the Toronto Sports Network.

We must remember that most of Toronto's media is controlled by the very same people who are promoting the NFL in Toronto. CTV/Globe & Mail televise NFL games in Canada. The Toronto Star just bought 25% of CTV and is an investor in MLSE, and vice-versa. Tannembaum and the Leafs/Raptors/TFC is now the spear carrier for the NFL in Toronto have much pull in the media. They only have to threaten sports reporters with restricted access to the Leafs as a bargaining chip to get their NFL puff-pieces in the Toronto press.

The CFL is seen as the enemy as it owns the hearts and minds of Ontario football fans. There is little question that MLSE desires to put the CFL out of business, or at least out of Toronto. In two of the most recent national surveys on football, the CFL is more popular than the NFL in Ontario.

The first I've heard of this but if the losses are that big, can't say I blame them, Rogers that is. yikes. Hey, couldn't care less about the NFL in southern Ontario, just about the CFL but do wish the Bills and NFL all the success in Buffalo, this is where the Bills deserve to be, it's a great orginal AFL franchise and they deserve the best, just not Canada.

Reading in the papers today that the Colts will play the Bills in TO, probably December so I don't know about this rumour Rogers is pulling out of the deal.

Was just going to post that same thing. They might want to reconsider. T.O. and Peyton in the same building. I imagine that`ll put some butts in the seats.

If they dropped ticket prices significantly, I`d consider going.

Shame on you!

Seriously? :lol:

Go to see Owens? The guy is a head case.

I’d be careful which personality on the Team 1040 passed this info along. If it was Pratt and Taylor, then I’d put the rumours right up there with Marty Yorks “Inside Knowledge”. Of it was Rick Ball, or one of the others there may be some truth to it.
The reasons for pulling the plug sound beleiveable.

I’ll wait and see what really transpires. I need a better source for now.

He may be a head case, but he’s still one of the top players in the league. Plus you’d get to see Peyton. But like I said, they’d have to drop the prices significantly for me to even consider it. I’m not shelling out $100 so I can sit in the ex-wives section.

Top player........

Define top player.

I agree on some of his abilities, but to be a top player you have to have a combination of ability and smarts, I think he lacks the latter. Having the greatest ability in the world is worth nothing if you poison others around you.

I point to Casey printers as an example.

Now, on the otherhand a league game with Manning would be worth watching, an exhibition game would not.

Chiefer gotta tell you, only half kidding.
Personally, I will not give my hard earned money to the No Funners and especially Rogers who is trying to destroy the CFL and what most of us love and hold dearly.

Hey, I'd go but I'd treat this game like some NFL fans might treat thinking about going to a CFL game - I'd show up and see if I can buy a $5.00-$10.00 scalper ticket crying to get rid of some tickets 5 minutes before game time.

I like the NFL but if I'm going to plan on going to a game and take it the atmosphere and all of that, I'll pay full price on a ticket and go to Buffalo or Cleveland and make a day out of my "NFL US experience". Toronto and the NFL just seems to be a disconnect to me even though I really like watching the NFL. It's weird but that's how I feel, I have no problem paying full price for the CFL in Canada or NFL in the US.