Rumour : Riders Scapegoat is Cortez

Ambulance chaser Arash Madani says Cortez wont be back next year. Convenient they found a focal point to direct the blame but they're really one layer closer to Chamblin and Taman. Be careful what you wish for.

Wouldnt say scapegoated. His employment has been year to year. But yes his inability to adjust his game plan when Durant was hurt was evident.

Scapegoat my ass. Cortez has been by far the biggest weak spot the club has had for 2 seasons. The fact that the offense put up the numbers that they did last year and even stayed in games this year is a testament to the power and the heart of the personnel on the field to perform despite garbage playcalling more often than not.

He has failed miserably in putting players into positions to succeed. He has completely mishandled Tino Sunseri and flatly refused to let him play to his strength. He has cost several games due to his stubbornness in conservative calls. He has a complete unwillingness to counter attack a blitz and make an aggressive front back off. This year in particular he has refused to diversify the run game, attack all 65 yards of the LoS and get these aggressive fronts (Edmonton, Montreal) to get out of the damn box. He uses tight ends incessantly but NEVER throws to them, which makes the pass protect predictable and allows linebackers to tee of on the QB without the need to drop into zone. Then he cracks back with slots leaving only 2 targets to throw to downfield and then we all wonder why the QB is hanging onto the ball so damn long. CORTEZ is why the QB is hanging onto the ball so damn long! His playbook is huge and beautiful. Too bad he only ever uses the first two pages.

I can go on for a few pages if you like but I've done all that several times in other threads for two years.

Cortez has been an unmitigated disaster and has spent the past 2 years pissing me off to no end. Hope the door whacks his ego good and hard on the way out. Fuck him.

Ha ha, suck it Cortez! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ottawa could use him. Cortez and Burris are always a lethal combination.

Taman and Chamblin botched the RBs and backup QB files and then provide an at best mediocre rec. corps and wonder why offense flopped.Not even mentioning how they gutted the def. secondary and horrible STs.
Cortez pays the price for a crap season for the mistakes of others.
Sooner or later Rider fans will have run out of people to blame and then have to face the unpleasant task of blaming Taman and Chamblin...
No big deal as many will say "I never really liked them" or "they were overrated anyway"

Taman was pressured to borrow from the future to pay for their run last year. Next year will be even worse.

To their own team? Yeah, that's a given...

Burris as a starter is done. He can salvage a nice story for his career by coming off bench and saving some games - but other than that..

The rumour I'm hearing is that Cortez, Dyce, Hall and Miles are all going to be axed... we will see...

Hall on his own acord, and I think Miles as well.

No they did not botch the running back situation. They Riders had great production from whomever they handed the ball to.

As for QB depth, they couldn’t do anything about losing Willy, granted Doege was a complete flop, but if you didn’t notice Sunseri played great against BC, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Calgary when the scoreboard forced Cortez to open the playbook for him. They didn’t lose all those games because Sunseri sucked, they lost them because Cortez had to have the playbook ripped from his cold dead hands before he’d let Tino have at it. Would they have run the table? Hell no, could they have played .500, taken home field from the Eskimos and not been embarrassed in Edmonton and Montreal - fuck yea.

You’re correct on special teams, only because a broken clock is right twice a day.

Gutted the secondary??? The only change was Dwight Anderson gone. It’s the exact same group as last year, most of the guys 3 years there. EXACT SAME! Macho, Maze, T-Jax, T-Brack, even Turenne has been around for 2½ seasons. And the secondary played GREAT.

So get your facts straight and get back to me.

lol....I especially like the ending of your rant!!!

Considering they jumped on the chance to get Cortez and how much Chamblain spoke about how they could not pass up the chance to get him. Already with an OC moved him to ST coach.
Bottom line Durant got hurt and that was that.
Much like BC in 2013 they lost their top Back up to Free Agency where both Reilly and Willy became instant success. With the low Salary Cap made it almost Imposible to keep a top line franchise QB with Salary ranging around 450K as well as a back up with any kind of experience or of possible better talent.
There were a plenty of talented QBs that came into the CFL but making very low wages after some NFL bouncing and CFL shot, went onto the Broadcast booth for a number of Networks.
Really not much that BC or SASK could do at the time.
Now BC of course went out and got Glenn to fill in until Lulay came back. Problem Lulay never came back. possibily overlooked was getting John Beck. Beck played very well in very limited time and looks comfortable with the CFL game now.
Both Milanvich and Austin have brought in several QBs some with NFL time and others with not any or hardly any. Brohm went to Winnipeg along with the former CFL QB who scouted him and looked very good as well.
Riders may do well to find a former NFL guy who is interested among others to go along with Sunseri, who really got thrown into the fire before his time.
Look how stuck Montreal was last season. After years of grooming McPherson, he finally just left to at least get some PT. AC went down and Trestman who refused to ever take AC out, or even create a bit more of a package as a change up at times to AC. There is only so much Short Yardage only a guy can take after 5 years.
A Mac was good enough to get on with Calgary but a injury sustained kept him off the roster.

It has very little to do with the losses and more to do with never adjusting game plans at all through the season within games, and reportedly being very difficult to deal with on a daily basis this season...Cortez has always been stuborn, but he was apparently at a new level this year. Beyond that he was pretty highly criticized by brass for turning attention away from Dressler after 3 games, and he was the one who sat RBs post fumbles, not Chamblin...Chamlin should have stepped in, but he gave him leway because of his record.

Cortez is a brilliant football mind but can be his own worst enemy at times. I have always been frustrated because I know how great he can be.

you're looking pretty smart ...................these days