Rumour- Rex Ryan to coach Bills

Adam Schefter ?@AdamSchefter 2h2 hours ago
Just a couple more I's to dot and T's to cross, but Rex Ryan now expected to be the next Buffalo Bills HC. First domino falls!

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The post their best record in a decade,

Then the HC and QB walk away, and they hire a side show to replace the HC.

It will be entertaining in Buffalo, but I'm glad I am not a fan.

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It’s off season and it’s football so what’s the problem? Did you complain when they were talking hockey on here?

He’s bringing Trestman and his brother along for the ride… :wink:

Ryan is a good choice IF he highers a good offensive co-ordinator who will commit to running the ball (like Seattle). Bills have great running backs. They just need to upgrade their O-line and get a decent QB. They have the special teams and defense now to win championships and Ryan is a good defensive coach - so I have no worries about their defense.

Let's hope Rex does not try to Bring Mark Sanchez to Buffalo...............................

Ian Rapoport reported on NFL Network's NFL GameDay Morning, per a source informed of Ryan's plans, that the former Jets coach wants to team up with Marc Trestman, the recently fired Bears coach. The feeling appears to be mutual.

Duh Bills.

Rex Ryan will ruin the Bills IMHO.

Earl - How do you 'ruin' a team that has not made the playoffs in 15 years?

:lol: :thup:

Welcome to the Circus,with head ring master Rex Ryan :cowboy:

He does want trestman.

No big loss. Buffalo was 9-7 with a gimmie win in NE to end the year. Otherwise 8-8.
Don't let the door hit you on the way out Marrone. Buffalo will be better next season.
A proven NFL coach running the show and if they can pick up a new veteran QB they will be set....just not Sanchez.

Just think Ryan got the Jets to two AFC Championship games WITH Sanchez as his QB. Just think what he might be able to do with a decent quarterback.

E.J. Manuel is not the answer. Watching him the last two seasons I have no idea why the Bills made him their first round pick. He just simply is not an accurate passer down field. I would lose count of how often he would miss (by a lot) open receivers the last couple of seasons.

I'm not too happy that Jim Schwartz is out as defensive coordinator, but not surprised with Ryan himself being a defensive coach and I think those two big personalities just would not work together. That would be a recipe for conflict I think.

For good or bad, Rex Ryan will make sure the Bills get lots of exposure in the national media. :slight_smile:
If he hires Greg Roman as his OC, I think the Bills will be off to a good start as far as coaching is concerned. Looks like he is also bring his DC from the Jets too.
The downside for me is that if he was unable to find a franchise QB with the Jets, where is he going to find one for the Bills? They won't be the only team looking for the same thing.

PS Note to Rogers: You chose the wrong era to foist the Bills onto Toronto! You can bet there won't be another chance to fleece Toronto NFL fans with this new Bills ownership in place.

Yup, the Bills get a solid local owner and then go out and hire a big name coach and they haven't made the playoffs in how long? A couple of playoff seasons with a win here or there and a new stadium in Buffalo will happen I'm sure at some point sooner than later.

He's going to bring Marc Trestman as OC and they will trade for Cutler :lol: